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Release Notes

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06/23/2022 Release Notes

I-9 & E-VerifyAuthorized Representative Experience: Added support for configuring automatic reminders sent to Authorized Representatives who have been assigned an I-9 Section 2, but have not yet completed itAuthorized Representative Experience: Added a configuration to require Section 2 verifiers to upload Photo Match documents only.  If a non-Photo Match document is presented, the upload will not be required.  Only E-Verify employers should utilize this configuration.Authorized Representative Experience: Fixed an issue with the “Required” asterisk for Section 2 file uploads. The “Required” asterisk will now properly display only when the customer has configured file uploads to be required as part of the Section 2 process. File upload requirements are determined by the customer in Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify.Administrative Experience: Updated setting titles and descriptions for two settings: “I9 Summary - Expiring Document Alert # Days” and “I9 Summary - Expiring Document Receipt Alert # Days” to more clearly and accurately describe the setting.Roadmap DeliveryRecruiter Experience - WOTC: Added support for showing on the Applicant Detail view, if an Applicant opted out of an ADP WOTC questionnaireCandidate Experience: Added support for enforcing that Tasks are completed by candidates in the order in which they were assigned (Applies to Tasks List only)Support and MaintenanceRecruiter Experience: Resolved an issue which may have prevented the Location picker from working as expectedMiscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements

06/09/2022 Release Notes

Roadmap DeliveryRecruiter Experience - Active Onboarding: Update last activity date for newly ordered assessments to reflect the correct date/time the assessment was ordered.Next-Gen API: Added support for assigning an E-Verify Knowledge Assessment to a WFM User (for E-Verify 2.0 only). Candidate Experience - Tasks List: Added System Setting Enforce Task List Completion In Order which, when enabled, requires applicants to complete onboarding tasks in the order in which they are displayed in the Tasks List interface. Support and MaintenanceRecruiter Experience - Covid Extension Tab: Resolved an issue which prevented viewing of the I-9 > COVID Extensions ViewRecruiter Experience -  Checkr:  Updates made to cancel failed screening orders and display related errors (often due to missing candidate information needed by Checkr).  Candidate Experience - WOTC: Removed a race condition causing duplicate WOTC orders during the applicant's application process. Administrative Experience - SSO: Resolved in issue which may have prevented creation of SSO-authenticated users in some circumstancesMiscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

05/26/2022 Release Notes

I-9 & E-VerifyI-9 Section 2 - COVID: Removed the 'COVID-19 Expiration Date Extension' checkbox from List B.  As of May 1, 2022, DHS has indicated the temporary policy permitting employers to accept certain expired List B documents has ended. (source)Recruiter Experience - E-Verify: Enhanced user experience when accessing a Crimcheck case with E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 enabled in Settings.  In both the I-9/E-Verify > E-Verify and Applicant > E-Verify views, there is now a dropdown in the upper right corner to filter between Crimcheck cases and Submission Failures.
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