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12/08/2022 Release Notes

A Note on U.S. Holiday Release SchedulingOur regular two-week product update release schedule will be altered to accommodate for the upcoming holiday season.The 12/22/2022 product update will be rescheduled for 12/21/2022; this will be the final release of 2022. I-9/E-VerifyCandidate Experience – I-9 Section 1 Validation: The Phone Number field in Section 1 of the Form I-9 will now validate properly. If a Candidate clicks into the field and then leaves the field blank, there will no longer be a validation error.  Recruiter Experience – E-Verify 2.0: Incorporated messaging on the Applicant > E-Verify page to account for situations where duplicate E-Verify cases cannot be created. Roadmap DeliveryRecruiter Experience – Freshdesk Widget: The Freshdesk support widget has been removed from WFM as we are no longer using Freshdesk for support ticketing.Administrative Experience – Blueprint Manager: We have added the ability to enable multi-blueprints at once from the Blueprint Manager sidebar.Recruiter Experience – Direct Deposit Account Syncing: Resolved an issue which prevented sending account updates to Bullhorn ATS.Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Implemented an updated language selection interface in the header bar.Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Implemented an improved "No Placement" empty state, directing the candidate to the Job Search view. Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Resolved an issue which may have caused logos to be incorrectly sized.Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Resolved an issue which prevented the "Referral" UI from being hidden if configured to do so.Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Resolved an issue which prevented the proper display of the completion status for the "Professional References" profile step. Candidate Experience – Talent Platform: Resolved style conflicts which may have resulted in poor layout formatting or font styling on some pages.Support & MaintenanceQueue API Improvements: Updates were made under-the-hood to improves processing speed and efficiency of background jobs responsible for delivering webhooks and asynchronous ATS updates.Queue API Improvements: Improved fault tolerance of webhook and asynchronous ATS update messages which may have failed to be delivered on the first attempt.Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements

12/01/2022 Release Notes

I-9/E-VerifyRecruiter Experience - E-Verify 2.0: Fixed an issue where the Applicant E-Verify Details were being cleared for E-Verify 2.0 whenever a case was closedRecruiter Experience - E-Verify 2.0: Updated the State Driver’s License state codes to properly display and send when required by E-Verify’s Confirm Details step.Recruiter Experience - E-Verify 2.0: Display a duplicate case warning message if an open case exists and a new E-Verify case is attempted. A “duplicate” is considered a case created for the same E-Verify Client ID using the same Social Security Number within the last 365 days.Recruiter Experience - E-Verify 2.0: If an existing open duplicate case for a Candidate is preventing a new case from being created on that same Candidate, the user will be able to see the open case and take action on it through the Details Panel.Recruiter Experience – I-9 Dashboard, E-Verify Dashboard: Recruiters can now search the I-9 and E-Verify dashboards by ATS Candidate ID and Onboarding Applicant ID. Roadmap DeliveryNext-Gen API: UserRoles endpoints have been updated to check for the Edit User permission.Recruiter Experience - Credential Management: Recruiters can now delete Incomplete Credential Requests from the File Uploads UI Applicant tab in WFM. This allows recruiters to better manage credentials in case something was requested in error or needs removed. Administrative Experience - Bullhorn ATS Integration Settings: All collapsable sections are now set to be collapsed by defaulted for consistency and a better UI experience. Administrative Experience - Bullhorn ATS Integration Settings: Integrations Property section now has a search bar at in the right-hand corner of the table, allowing admins to find integration properties faster.Recruiter Experience - Applicant Detail: The Sync to ATS feature in WFM has been updated such that the view when you click Preview is no longer an editable JSON viewer. This allows for a cleaner and more clear user experience.Direct Deposit Accounts - Admin Experience: Admins can now curate a list of available currencies that candidates can chose from when completing their Direct Deposit information.Direct Deposit Accounts - Admin Experience: Added support for mapping Direct Deposit Accounts to Bullhorn ATS Candidate Direct Deposit Account entities.Direct Deposit Accounts – Admin Experience: Improved 'Multi Pay Account Settings' dynamic form component. When building Direct Deposit forms, this dynamic form component should be used. Direct Deposit Accounts - Candidate Experience: Pay Options tab in Profile has been deprecated. Direct Deposit information should be collected using a form, requiring employee signature.Talent PlatformCandidate Experience – Home Page: Improved the detail and usability of the Tasks View on the home page, adding support for showing Task type and due date, as well as indicating if a Task is Past Due Candidate Experience – Tasks Page: Added (optional) support for viewing Completed Tasks; enabled via configuration

10/13/2022 Release Notes

I-9 & E-VerifyI-9 Section 3 - Fixed an issue where the Section 3 signing page was not properly displaying the information that was entered by the user.E-Verify Dashboard – Resolved an issue which may have prevented E-Verify Case Report PDFs from downloading reliablyRoadmap DeliveryCredential Automation – Added support for syncing Credential files uploaded by Candidates to the ATS Files tab, rather than CredentialsCredential Automation – Added support for syncing I-9 Section 1 and 2 to a credential if I-9 was assigned via Credential AutomationMulti-Customer User Support – Added support for associating users with multiple Onboarding TE tenantsLegacy Public API – Added support for POSTing a new Applicant with customFields definedSupport & MaintenanceRecruiter Experience – Resolved an issue which prevented locations from being properly filtered in the Location SelectorCandidate Experience – Resolved an issue which prevented the Privacy Policy Pop-Up from being presented to Candidates. Most typically used for CCPA acceptance.Recruiter Experience – Resolved an issue which prevented search bars from successfully executing keyword searchesCandidate Experience – Resolved an issue which resulted in random ordering of options associated with certain dynamic form fieldsLegacy Public API – Resolved an issue which prevented the Get User by External ID from successfully returning results if the provided External ID was a non-numeric valueMiscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements
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