CA Environment: Removing error with special characters while signing documents

This  fix addresses an error in the Canadian production environment that occurs when users create a signature request in HelloSign that includes a special character. The special characters will no longer trigger an error message. 

Fixing broken basic info URL on profile dashboard

In profile, the 'Edit Info' link on the dashboard is navigating to the basic-info state with the incorrect customer in the URL and is also missing the location id. For example, this error results in the following URL states: `http://localhost/profile/#/es/hq/profile/basic-info` becoming `http://localhost/profile/#/EmployStream//profile/basic-info`.

Resolving the login redirect to login page for customers with candidates experiencing login issues

This fix addresses the error that causes  some applicants to be redirected back to the login page after an already successful login. The successful login will now move forward to the applicant profile. 

Toggling various system configs causing applicant logins to Portal instead of Engage

This fix addresses the error that occurs when users are enabling/disabling multiple configs at once in WFM Configurations > System Settings and  sometimes takes applicants into the legacy Portal instead of Engage even though Engage is turned on. 

I-9 Section 1 - Add support for selecting additional US territories from the state/province dropdown

This  enhancement is adding support for American Samoa (AS),  District of Columbia (DC) and Guam (GU) in the state dropdown list for workers completing I-9 Section 1. 

Update I-94 number to accept both legacy and new formats

Allow applicants to enter both new/legacy I-94 admission number formats on Section 1. The number formats now accepted are: (1)  9 digits, followed by a letter in 10th position, and a digit in the 11th position and (2) 11 digits length, containing only numbers

Update Spanish translations to display special characters

This fix updates the Spanish translations to allow special characters (í,á,é, etc.) in the Applicant Profile. 

Update made to order screening packages that include file upload templates

This fix has been made so that customers can order screening packages that include a file upload for the applicant. Prior to this update, the background screening would be stuck in “queued.” 

Global - Invalid Email Address Quick Add

This fix is addressing the error when you click on Quick Add that says “the email address is invalid” before an email address has been provided. The user is still able to add the applicant, but you are unable to select anything in the Screening Packages field. This has now been fixed so that the “email address is invalid” field does not appear, unless an email address is in an incorrect format.