Federal W-4 -  Write ‘Exempt’ to field 4c to the pdf

Currently, on the Federal W-4, if the applicant selects “yes” they are exempt from withholding, Able will write the word “Exempt” to the 4c box. This update will allow the  4c field to reflect  “Exempt”  if the applicant chooses N/A or Exempt.

I-9 Section 2 - Timestamp correction for files tab upload time

The timestamp for I-9 section 2 file uploads is reflected inaccurately. This fix updates the timestamp to accurately  match when the file is uploaded after filling out the section 2.

WFM Passwords - Fix change password functionality 

Previously, some users were unable to update passwords within the Account Section of the WFM. This fix now allows those users  to update their passwords

WFM Applicant Profile - Add additional progression steps 

In WFM, we have added additional support on the Applicant Profile to make the application progression steps dynamic and  reflect the steps of the applicant. For example, if the application asks additional pre-screening questions or there are skills checklists to be completed, this  will be reflected in the progression steps on the profile.

Password Reset - Fix applicant password reset behavior

This fix addresses the following behavior for an applicant resetting their password: 

  • The first password field becomes locked after entering text 

  • There is no ability to view what you have typed as a user, as you are trying to enter the same password in the confirm field. 

Additionally, if a user has a typo in their first password field, there was no functionality to clear out the first field. We have now added the functionality to clear out the first field. 

Logo Update -  Favicon for Skills Checklist Preview

We have updated the favicon to have the Able logo instead of the previous EmployStream logo.