Bullhorn Integration - Updating data synchronization for Candidate References

This fixes a data synchronization issue on the Applicant’s Able Application to the Bullhorn candidate record with references not updating in BH when provided by the Applicant. 

Populate missing Spanish and French translation defaults with English

We have identified around 660 english translations that don't have spanish and french default records, which prevents administrators from adding the spanish translation overrides for customers. We are now  populating the Spanish defaults with English so that the translations are available to update. 

E-Verify: Add support to recruiter associated with an Applicant if an E-Verify case is TNC

The I-9 Section 2 signer is currently not receiving a notification when an employee receives a tentative non-confirm  so they do not know when a case results in that status. We have added support for notifying a given user/manager/second-signer if an e-verify case has resulted in a tentative non-confirm.

Add WOTC Statuses to Bullhorn Mappings

For the WOTC Integrations Tax Credit Co. and Equifax, we have added WOTC Statuses to have the functionality to be mapped into the Bullhorn candidate record. The statuses we can currently send are status, is_eligible, completed_date_utc. To map these statuses, you will need to set up “CustomText___” fields in BullHorn to map to our statuses. You can reach out to your CSM or Support@Ableteams.com to assist with getting this set up.

Expiration and Completion date fields on the Credentials page are formatted as MM-DD-YYYY but changing format on submission &  throwing a validation error

The functionality will still be the same to the applicant uploading a credential but there was a bug that would show the user the date as  YYYY-MM-DD and caused  an error to show up stating the date was in an incorrect format. So now the page will continue to show the date as the user entered it as MM-DD-YYYY.



Using the new E-Verify Datatable, we have added the ability to edit case details in Crimcheck via the iframe in Able

Users in WFM who have E-verify credentials enabled will now be able to edit case details for Tentative Non-Confirms through an Iframe to Crimcheck through our new E-verify Datatable. The user will need to click on the case number and will be directed to a view hosting an iframe that will load the case details in Crimcheck.

WFM - E-Verify: Add settings for toggling TNC notifications on/off

As an Admin within WFM, I can add the Tentative Non Confirm Email notifications to the recruiter assigned to an applicant and the user associated with the screening service. To turn this functionality on, navigate to Configuration > System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Enable E-Verify Tentative Nonconfirmation Notification