Fix preventing SSN from being removed from Bullhorn

This fix prevents XML errors from throwing a blank and as a result, removing the SSN from Bullhorn via the Able API,  ensuring that SSNs are never wiped out of Bullhorn from the Able system.

Fix removing zip code as required preliminary info field

This fix addresses a bug currently labeling  Zip Code as a required field on the Preliminary Information section for Applicants. 

Allow "First Day of Employment" to accept dates up to 3 days before today

This update adds the ability for recruiters to accept up to three days before the current date as the first date of employment for I-9 section-2.

Fix UI bypassing complete application step

This fix addresses a bug to prevent applicants from bypassing the Complete Application step even if the customer is configured to have it required before starting any tasks.

Fix saving the availability form on applicant page

Currently, the  availability form in the profile is not saving properly: 

  • When clicking on the Save button, nothing would happen. 

  • This was not occurring when going through the complete profile process, but only when the applicant went directly from the left navigation link to the Availability Tab.

This fix now allows the availability form to accurately save when the applicant moves directly from the left navigation link to the Availability Tab. 

Createbox - Fix email validation error 

This fix removes the email validation error when sending out screening services, which was preventing users in WFM from sending out screening packages. 

Fix bug causing duplicate email/phone check not to work after candidate has been created in WFM

This fix is addressing a bug causing validation errors with the “quick adding” of an applicant. The bug resulted in the duplication check not running to prevent applicants with the same phone number or email address. 

I-9 Section 2 pulling wrong data to HS Form

Fix addressing the incorrect Driver’s License expiration date (year) populating on the HS Form after the I-9 Section 2 signers previously input the correct expiration date. 

Paper signed documents download issue

Previously, paper signed documents in signature requests were not displaying for applicants to download when filling out onboarding. This fix addresses this bug so applicants can download the paper signed document.

Expiring document notification for inactive documents

This fix addresses a bug that is causing expiring document notification emails to be sent multiple times within minutes of each other.  

Online application emails not sending to location email

For applicants that signed up through profile directly, alerts would be sent to the assigned location’s email that an application had been completed. However, when  applicants were created through WFM, an alert email was not sent from the assigned location that the application had been completed. This fix addresses the latter, allowing applicants that were created through WFM to generate an alert email from the assigned location that the application had been completed. 

Users can't see who owns a candidate record, only admins

This update allows user types that can view applicants to now also be able  to see the owner field.

Job search by zip code filter not working

We have fixed the bug preventing  the job board from  filtering by zip code. We have also added support for location and distance to show correct results. 

Public API - Enhance applicant exists endpoint to support ATS check

This is an enhancement for one of our Public API endpoints, this is a new endpoint that allows our Public API users to query their user set by email or mobile phone much faster. This will also  allow them to extend that search from Able an ATS.

Public API - Applicant Create - Duplicate check is case sensitive 

Creating an Applicant via the public API does not perform a case insensitive duplicate check when creating an Applicant in Able for email addresses such as vs, thus creating applicants with duplicate email addresses. We have added support for this so we check via case sensitivity, so we will not allow duplicates into the system.

Skills automation for multiple categories not working

Adding functionality that when an applicant selects both primary and additional categories, we will assign skills checklists for all of the selected categories, not just the one primary category. Automation logic has been built and applied to 'additional categories' as well.

Pay options form update -  Account number functionality

Adding additional functionality to the pay options form to be able to click and view account numbers of masked fields once they have been completed. Applicants will be able to click on the masked fields and view the account numbers. 

Profile Signup - Use 'mustMatch' directive on password Inputs

We created a new usable component for confirming that two fields match on the profile signup page.