I-9: Section 2 Doesn't show Section 1 PDF

When someone is completing Section 2 of the I-9 there is a button linking to view I-9 Section 1. In some instances the button wasn’t appearing so users were unable to view Section 1. We have fixed this so the button linking to Section 1 always appears. 

Prescreening logging

This fixe addresses a  bug allowing applicants to move forward to submit their application without  completing some required fields. We have also added logging so we can identify the problem next time this is reported.

Direct Deposit - Not able to split accounts on mobile

We fixed the bug causing users to not see the split allocation on a mobile device for direct deposit. We have verified that the ability to split by dollar and percentage appears on both mobile and desktop.

Invalid date of education and/or dates for Work History Interview Worksheet

We have fixed an issue for the Interview Worksheet causing an invalid date for work and education history. We have corrected the format to DD/MM/YYYY. 

Duplicate field check doesn't properly handle non valid phone numbers

In Bullhorn when an applicant is created we check to see if there are any applicants that have existing phone numbers in our system in order to prevent duplicate accounts. However, this check was occurring when a user put “N/A” or “No phone” in the phone number field. So the duplicate page would load for any applicant in Able that also had “N/A” or “No phone” in the phone number field. We have fixed the following behavior, so we can allow the user to create the new account.

Bullhorn: I-9 not showing as on file

After a second signer has signed an I-9, we are supposed to be sending various pieces of information over to Bullhorn including (if mapped): last_i9_signed_date, i9_on_file, and i9_status.

In some cases, customers are noticing that an I-9 has been completed but this information is not making it over to Bullhorn. So we have changed the way we send this data to make it more simple and enable proper data flow.  

Global - Add default tax state for states without income tax

We have added functionality to support sending the “tax state” field to Bullhorn, even for states that don’t have state tax forms. We added this functionality for the following states without state forms: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Tennessee.  

Able and Bullhorn work history out of sync

Work history fields were not mapping over to Bullhorn from interviews, creating duplicated work history fields in Able. We updated this functionality so that when an interview is opened, the candidate is synced  from Bullhorn so the work history’s match up and no unnecessary duplicates are created.

WFM - I-9 Download - Filter throwing 500 when more than 100 Records

We have updated the UI to be able to display more than 100 records for I-9 downloads for a selected date range.

WFM - I-9/E-Verify - I-9 Download - Download 500 or 504 

Fixing an issue causing the I-9 to not download and give either a 500 or 504 Error. We resolved both issues to prevent this from happening and ensure that users are able  to download the I-9.

Applicant added to wrong instance

Fixing a bug that causes  applicants to sign up in the wrong instance of Able when creating an account on a job portal that has two links to separate Able instances. We have identified the bug that exists switching between sites for recruiters and resolved this error. 

Message prompts Applicant's DOB set to minimum date

In Settings, Admins have the ability to set a “Minimum Applicant Age” to accept. When the applicant’s age is younger than the minimum applicant age, the Date of Birth field displays a message to the user to prompt them to add a date that complies with the calculated ‘must be minimum age date’.