SC State Filing: Status not saving

The fix addresses  an issue that occurs when applicants are  filling out the SC State Tax form to complete the filing status. If the applicant saves their profile without signing a form, the status does not save and the applicant has to fill out the filing status again. With this fix applicants don’t need to fill out the filing status more than once. 

CA WFM: Edit placement fails when there is a numeric value in job name

We have fixed the error in the CA environment that was preventing Placements from saving when there was a numeric value in the Job Name and redirected the user to login with an “authorization failed” message. 

WFM - I-9/E-Verify - I-9 Download:  Helper text not displaying

We have fixed the text on the UI on the I-9 Download Table within WFM to show the text at the bottom of the table that reads as follows, when “ X” is the number in excess of 100: “{X} more I-9s please narrow your search.”

Background orders: Duplicate orders being placed

This fix addresses an issue causing the sending of duplicate background services for Candidates. The root cause was that HelloSign is sending us two callbacks back to back, and we are processing both of those at the same time. In the flow of each of those callbacks being processed, we are sending background screening. 

 “CountryOfIssuanceCode” field is not being sent to e-verify

This fix addresses an issue causing  the foreign_country field from section 1 to fill in the CountryOfIssuanceCode when creating an e-verify case, when the correct field to use is the i9_lista_issuing_authority that is set in section 2 by the recruiter. The i9_lista_issuing_authority field will be used moving forward. 

Placement Start Date:  Not shown as required when creating a new placement

Fixing the following field on the Create Placement page in WFM, where the Start Date field has the asterisk but no red text prompting the user to fill in the empty field. If you try to save the placement without filling in the Start Date, nothing happens to the user because that field is blank. The field is now showing on the UI as required. 

Default E-Verify Token

Currently, we use a default e-verify token to create cases, but we do not use that same default token for users to view cases.  This means that a token has to be added to a user if they want to view cases. 

We’ve now added logic to use the same e-verify token for creating cases and viewing cases. This will include logic to pull the default company or location token if the user does not have a specific token assigned to their own profile.

Applicant Profile: Showing “inactive” skills checklists

If an applicant is going through the application and selects a category that has a “inactive” skills checklist assigned to the specific category, it is still being ordered for the applicant, despite the fact it is “inactive.” We have fixed this behavior so no “inactive” checklists will be assigned to applicants.  

I-9 Section 2: List B expiration dates ought to allow for selecting a date in the past back to 2020-03-01

In a previous release, we added support for selecting List B expiration date in the past, back to 2020-03-01. If an expired document date is provided, it was expected that the Second Signer would check the "COVID-19 Expiration Date Extension"

The date picker no longer takes this into consideration, and support was re-added for the following:

  • Given I am a second signer completing I-9 Section 2

  • When I select a List B Document and need to enter details for an expired document

  • Then I need to be able to select a date as far back in the past as 2020-03-01

Type Ahead Field: Not working on interviews 

We have fixed the Field type "type ahead" for interviews where the interviewer was not seeing  any options to select.  Now all the options appear so the person conducting the interview can select as the desired field.

I-9 Section 2: Update document description types, header text, and start date text to include the Employee's name

When Section 2 is being completed, authorized representatives are often providing their own identity and work authorization documents instead of providing those belonging to the Employee.

A big reason for this is the language used:

“Select one of the following documents to establish BOTH your Identity and Employment Authorization:”

The word “Your” is very likely the proximate cause of the confusion.

We have updated this text so that it makes clear that we are asking for the Employee’s documents, by using the Employee’s name in that text.


  • Update the List type descriptions (above the select boxes) as such; make the employee name bold:

    • List A – Select one of the following documents to establish BOTH the Identity and Employment Authorization of {employee_first_name} {employee_last_name}:

    • List B – Select one of the following documents to establish the Identity of {employee_first_name} {employee_last_name}:

    • List C – Select one of the following documents to establish Employment Authorization for {employee_first_name} {employee_last_name}:

  • Update the Section Headers for each document type, adding the following language to the existing text:

    • Document Belonging to {employee_first_name} {employee_last_name}

    • For example, “List A - Identity and Employment Authorization” will become “List A - Identity and Employment Authorization Document Belonging to Dustin Brewer”

  • Under Confirm Employee Information

    • Update the label for “First Date of Employment” so that it reads {employee_first_name} {employee_last_name}'s First Date of Employment”