Form I-9 capture image error

This fix addresses the error reported when a user completing I-9 Section 2 selects a List B document and tries to capture the document via the webcam on their device, this in return was disabling the image capture capability from the List C document.  We have fixed this functionality so that if a client has image capture enabled, they can capture the document for both List B and C.

Always contact via phone setting

This fix addresses the issue that occurs when the configuration "always contact via phone" is enabled in settings, but the text contact opt-in is not set to “yes” when applicant arrives at the basic info page of the application. The text contact opt-in will now always be set to “yes” as expected. 

Bullhorn: Applicant's active flag is not checked when WFM profile is loaded

When an applicant is deleted in Able, it is still possible to view the deleted profile via the Able tab on the applicant’s profile in Bullhorn. We have removed this capability. 

Public API - Applicants - Create: Not sending categories/specialties to Bullhorn

This fix addresses an API issue causing the applicant assigned categories and specialties to not sync over to Bullhorn  when applicants were being created via Able; categories and specialties will now successfully sync over to Bullhorn. 

Profile - Preliminary Info: Checks for duplicate email or phone

We added additional support for preliminary information checks for phone number and email address to prevent any duplication of information and prevent new accounts from being created. 

Duplicate Field Check:  Doesn't properly handle URL reserved characters

This fix addresses an error in which duplicate field check was not accurately checking for duplicates,  allowing special characters in items like email addresses, such as with testing and creating accounts like test and The duplicate check will now identify special characters and flag that the email address already exists. 

WFM Applicant Search obscured by Menu

We have updated the alignment of the Applicant Search so the Menu does not cover up applicant names.