Crimcheck Background Screening Integration: Updates to case status

This update adds support to address failure of the Crimcheck import service to update specific cases when a new status has been assigned.  We have added additional support for the Crimcheck integration on the background screening tab within the applicant profile, allowing all case statuses to be updated. 

E-Verify Dashboard 2.0: Fixing query request issues for multiple locations

When executing a query request for multiple locations, if the user does not have access to one location, the entire request throws a 401 error. We have fixed this behavior that was preventing loading of locations. Authorization is updated to allow access to data belonging to a recruiter’s “secondary locations.”

I-9 Digest Email: Add support for including the number of E-Verify cases that need attention

I-9 Digest emails, which currently provide a snapshot of in-progress I-9 Section 1s and I-9 Section 2s, will now also show the number of e-Verify cases that were not immediately authorized for employment and require additional action.

Pay Options – Add support for candidates to provide a Bank Name 

We’ve added support to make “Bank Name” a required field when completing Pay Options. You can turn on this configuration by navigating to Configuration > Settings > Onboarding > Pay Options Form - Require Bank Name. The default setting  will be “disabled” and will not change unless the administrator enables this setting.  

Toast-style notifications in the Candidate Experience

We’ve added support for creating and displaying notifications from the top-right portion of the Able platform to indicate to candidates if an action was successful or not and deliver warning messages when applicable.

When a Work/Education History entity is saved, support added for confirmation of successful save 

Currently, when candidates make an update to work and education history, after pressing “confirm” in the edit view, candidates are redirected to the list view where they can then select “next” or “save all changes.” The list view is then refreshed, however there is no confirmation of successfully saved changes, instead users must rely on the presence of a new row in the List View. With this update, candidates can now save updates to work and education history by pressing the “confirm” button in the edit view and will also receive a notification indicating success.  

E-Verify 2.0 – Improve styling of the E-Verify Case Details view and move back button above the iframe

Below is a screenshot of the styling improved for E-Verify Case Details. We moved the “back” button to be above the iframe so it’s easy to navigate back to the list view from the expanded case details. 

Improving Work/Education History List to include an "Add {entity}" CTA

Improving the Work/Education History interface  to include an "Add” call to action to the applicant, making it more visible for  the candidate to complete. 

I-9 Section 2 – Add support for requesting an A-Number if one was not provided, but is required by a selected List A Document

We have added support for the following scenario for potential E-Verify edge cases: 

  • A candidate completes I-9 Section 1 and provides an I-94 number

  • Authorized Representative that competes Section 2 of the I-9 and selects Form I-766 

  • Authorized Representative provides document ID and the I-94 number

  • We are now prompting for E-verify to request the Candidate’s Alien Registration (A-Number) number.