Payment Method Form: Previous field selections showing on PDFs

This fixes a bug with the multi-pay account settings component that was not clearing the previous selections if the candidate completes the form more than once. 

Sync BH job and client data when syncing placement

We’ve expanded our syncing for placements to ensure that all job and client information is up to date when passing to Able. Placements will automatically be pulled in whenever a placement has been added or edited for an applicant.

Fix WFM main content padding in iframe

We have added padding to account for the nav menu and removed the padding on the `.layout-iframe` class. 

Candidate location export update

This update adds functionality to allow the  addition of candidate location to custom exports. 

Bullhorn field mappings for SC State Tax form

This update adds custom support for the SC State Tax Form Filing status since the state filing statuses should be based on the number of exemptions. If the candidate claims 0 exemptions, then the state filing status should equal "SC-ZERO." If the candidate claims 1 or more, then the state filing status should equal "SC-ONE" as the value we sent to Bullhorn. 

Education and Work History not saving

This fix addresses an error that occurs when a candidate enters Work and Education History fields in the application, selects the save button and exits the process prior to completion and the entries do not save. Entries in the Work and Education History fields will now save when the candidate selects the save button. 

Track applicant's source into Able system

When applicant is added to the Able system, add an `apl_properties` record which denotes the source of the applicant, i.e. `Bullhorn, Avionte, WFM_add, WFM_quick_add, Portal, Profile, etc`.

We have added limitations so that the field is only set once upon applicant creation and should never be updated. This will be used to help debug various applicant issues we see in our system.

Checkr background screening integration: Not displaying all services

This fix addresses a bug that was causing the complete list of  Checkr screening services ordered to the applicant in the WFM to not be displayed. This has been fixed to display all Checkr screening services ordered through Able. 

Createbox requestor fields: Issue selecting today's date 

This fix addresses a bug causing today’s date to not successfully populate  when selecting a package/form that has a date field. However, the system would allow you to select tomorrow's date and then change the date to today's date, resulting in a successful population of the date field..  This has now been fixed so you can select the current date on your initial attempt. 

Save all second signer email-addresses in lowercase

Hellosign has recently released an update where they force applicant email addresses to be lowercase, else the system throws an unclear error, not indicating why the sig request wasn't processed. We've recently seen an increase in multi-signer sig requests failing and there looks to be a strong correlation between the failed requests and capital letters in the second-signers email address. This fix will save second signer email addresses in lowercase. 

Form Manager formatting layout issue

Fixing the Form Manager layout so the "Short Description" and "Question" fields fill in the entire row when creating form fields.