WFM Add Applicant: Not saving Alt ID or recruiter

Alt ID (ATS ID) and recruiter are not being saved when using the “Add Applicant” functionality through WFM.  We have fixed this so when adding applicants via “Add Applicant” the data is saving to the applicant’s profile. 

Bullhorn Credentials:  Sync button to resend in case of failure 

On the applicant profile, if you click on the credential tab, we have added a new column labeled “ATS Credential ID” with a sync button next to each credential that was uploaded to allow for the resend of a credential to an ATS if the credential failed to send.  

Form Field - Calculated:  Add "Money" option

We have added an enhancement to our form builder so that the “Calculated” field allows for designation as a “Money” field. The Calculated field previously only acted as a Money field if and only if one of the fields used in the calculation is a money field. You are now able to denote the Calculated field’s value as money regardless of the fields used in the calculation.

Createbox Placement: Make status configurable

We’ve expanded our syncing for placements to ensure that all job and client information is up to date when passing to Able. When sending out a form/package you are able to pull in placement data from the dropdown from placements that are in the following statuses: pending, drafted, approved, and active.