Workflow: Completion Date display 

This update fixes an error which prevented the "Completed Date" from displaying in WFM when a workflow was complete.

Crimcheck: Separate orders for screening packages with ad-hoc services

We have updated current functionality when multiple screening packages and ad-hoc services are requested at the same time. These will now be broken out into separate orders on the "background screening" section of an applicant’s profile for more clarity.

WFM Vertical Navigation: Display improvement 

We have streamlined the WFM loading process to ensure all Vertical Navigation items display properly and completely

Preliminary Info Page: First Name NOT Required

This update fixes the current bug in both Staging and Production that results in the First Name field not  being required on the preliminary page  when completing paperwork.

Bullhorn Owner

Our application currently sets the owner of a candidate when we create it in Bullhorn through the rest api. We have now removed this repeating logic on updates when it is not necessary. The new logic will see if the owner is anything besides the rest user, if it is, then it doesn't touch it.  Which means, if we properly add the owner when we create the candidate, then we do not need to ever touch the owner again, and should stop sending any owner info when updating a candidate.

Applicant Add: Always Use Phone and Text Opt In

When adding an applicant or quick adding an applicant, enable the “Text Opt In” setting when the customer configuration “Always Contact Via Phone” setting is true. 

Expiration Date: Default setting

When the expiration date of a file upload is changed in WFM, the year always defaults to 1899.

Spanish Verbiage on 2020 I-9

Description - 

Currently on the 2020 I-9 section 1 (Spanish), when the candidate is entering their information, Email Address, Social Security and Zip Code fields are showing characters that are not valid.  We have fixed this so that these fields will function properly without errors. 

Credential Automation - Attempts to create Candidate Certifications on workflow expiration event

When a workflow expires we attempt to process the event through Credential Automation as a completion event, which creates Candidate Certification records in Bullhorn but then fails when attempting to retrieve the file to upload/associate with the given workflow. This update fixes the functionality to retrieve the file for the workflow in Bullhorn. 


Asterisk (*) causing ATS file sync failures

This fix addresses a bug that causes a template to not transfer to Bullhorn if an asterisk is included in a template.

Non I-9 Requests: Incorrectly receiving EdocSigRequest::second_signer_id 

This fix addresses the bug causing  forms to have a second signer assigned, even though there is no I-9 in the request. 

Update active workflows when Skills Checklists deleted

Fixing the following incorrect behavior when skills checklists are deleted:

  • The skills, groups, checklist and applicant skills tables are updated and the checklists are hidden from user/applicant view, however if a skills checklist has been sent to an applicant and then deleted, the checklist shows in their open tasks list but they can't complete it.

We have updated the workflow, workflow steps and workflow actions tied to that checklist to have an updated status.

Forgot Password Request: Include Active Accounts 

When users request a new password via “Forgot Password,” the system is currently not consistently finding the active account for the password reset, resulting in the error, “there are no active accounts associated with the information provided.” 

This fix allows our update password functionality to include `active` in the query, and does a `findFirst` so when there is more than one account for a user, even if there is only 1 active account, the findFirst will stop bringing back inconsistent results causing the user to be unable to reset their password.

Public API - Users - Update/Patch doesn't check for existing user with provided email

Fixed a bug where an API user could change an applicant's email address to one that already existed for another applicant. This bug only existed in the API, in WFM this is not possible.

Max date error message on I-9 

The max date error message on the I-9 form is filing the max date in the beginning of the text and leaving empty `{{}}` on the end. This has been fixed in the translation.

Update State Filing Status

This fix changes the functionality so that if the recruiter in Bullhorn updates the state filing status field in Bullhorn tax info using external code mapping when the recruiter changes applicant state, the update will occur even if there is an existing state filing status value in the field. 

WFM - Onboarding Request - View - Activity table showing incorrect Date/Time Zone

This update allows  the activity table under the Onboarding View in WFM to convert directly from UTC into local timezone.  Previously, the display converted the Date/Time from a UTC into EST then into the local timezone in an effort to accommodate the fact that we used to store the activity_date in EST.