Checkr Package: Show expired status

We have updated the user interface to show when a Checkr package has expired, not just when it has been completed.

Form Manager - Assign category after creation

We have updated the following scenario for an existing Questionnaire that does NOT have a "Category" associated to it: If you attempt to assign one it fails to save the association. Now we are able to save the “Category” if it was assigned after creation.

Applicant Export - Email to internal users upon timeout

Fixing an issue when we are not sending out an email to internal users when running certain exports. We have fixed this time out so that the expected emails are sent. 

Blueprint Old Code Values

When we previously transferred a blueprint to a new environment, we did not delete the old adm_code_values, which means there was a mix of old and new values. We are now deleting adm_code_values for fields that are being transferred to the new environment.

Optimize existing credential requirement query

This fix is optimizing the way we query for Credentials in Bullhorn and accelerating the process. 


Make Second Signer Submit Button Translatable

We added the functionality to add the second signer button translatable through our translation section in System Settings so it can be customized.