Public API -  Add support for setting 'second sign later' or `applicant assigned` second signer when creating onboarding workflow

Currently, customers using the Able API to create Onboarding Workflows are experiencing a failure when a request contains an I-9 Section 1 form  because a second signer wasn't provided.

In order to begin to remedy this, we have added support to the API which allows for either `second_sign_later` or `applicant_assigned` second signer to be provided with the request.

I-9 Upload Requirements -  Issue Form I-94 & Form I-551

The fix updates discrepancies regarding the upload requirements for the Passport from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine readable immigrant visa and with Form I-94, Form I-94A, or Form I-551 . 

Based on, only two uploads are required, the passport and I-94(A), but Able was prompting for three uploads. We have updated this to reflect the USCIS Gov website.

Bullhorn - Able Tab - Duplicate check finds inactive applicants

Currently, when there is an inactive applicant in Able with the same email or phone as a candidate in Bullhorn and the user clicks the “I want to create an EmployStream account for…” button,  they will receive a duplicate error message. This fix solves for this error, removing the duplicate message. 

Workflow reminder not firing

Able has a scheduled script that sets off a query that checks for sig requests and credentials that need the applicant’s attention. If it finds anything, for any customer, it checks the ‘send reminder’ flag for the customer, to see if they want to send reminders to their applicants, and if so, the reminder goes out to the applicant. This fix addresses performance issues that were preventing the workflow reminder from going out to applicants. 

Tasks UI - Placement Due Date - Doesn't handle `offer_sent_date` being null

The Due Date for a candidate's task was not displaying properly on the task UI. This update reflects the correct task and a valid date. 

Credential Automation - File attachments not showing up in credential detail view in BH

We have updated our credential automation to better flow with changes that Bullhorn has made so that credentials migrate into the credential detail view in Bullhorn. 

Require bank name on tax form

This is a configuration for the pay options portion of Able. This toggle will require the bank name on the pay options form. You can enable this by going to Configuration > System Settings > Employee Portal > Require Bank Name.

Credential requirement improvements

We have improved credential requirements so that when that placement record comes through, any existing credential requirements that are related to that placement are updated, along with any onboarding that is related to that credential requirement.

Dynamic Field - File Upload - Files do not sync to ATS

This fix updates the following scenario: When a File Upload field is on a form we were not uploading the provided file to any associated ATS, unless the customer has the “Enable Image Capture On Uploads” config enabled and the applicant chooses to use the camera feature to take a picture. 

This fix will now send all file uploads to the ATS regardless if the applicant selects this setting. 

Profile - Forgot Password - Email is case sensitive

When going through the Forgot Password as an applicant from Profile, the email match is case sensitive. We have updated this behavior to allow both uppercase and lowercase characters in the email address so the reset link will always be received.