Fixing field type Yes/No to remove red asterisk next to the "No" option

Fixing the following behavior whenever a form is assigned to an applicant which contains a "Yes/No"  question: the "No" radio option is hardcoded to always show a red asterisk next to the label which can be confusing to applicants so we have removed the asterisk. 

Document Image Capture Text is not showing for applicants

When completing I-9 Section 2, an employee may present an Authorized Representative with a U.S. Passport as their List A document of choice. In order to accurately record this document, employers are expected to maintain records of the U.S. Passport Identification Page and the Barcode Page. Currently, Authorized Reps appear to interpret our instructions as requiring a photo of the passport cover and the ID page.

We have improved the sample images, as well as the upload image CTA to better indicate the images that ought to be captured and added the following text: “Please capture images of documents belonging to the employee you are verifying. Do not upload photos of your own documents, just the employee being verified. Use the examples below as a guide for how to properly capture front and back photos of the document.”

Bullhorn Owner not being set correctly when applying from a job

Fixing an issue for applicants applying through the job board that come into BH with the owner set as “EmployStream Api User” instead of the owner of the job. It is now fixed so that the designated owner in BH will be the owner of the job.

Checkbox validation - Ensure one option is checked when checkbox group is required

Currently we can enable the requirement for a Checkbox field type, however the candidate can still proceed on without making a selection. We have added the following enhancement: If the checkbox field is required, then at least one of the options has to be selected or the candidate can not proceed.

Not creating onboarding from skills checklists

When an applicant gets assigned required skills checklists from selecting a category in their application, if the customer has the configuration on to allow the applicant to skip required skills checklists and the configuration on to order a workflow with incomplete required checklists, then we are supposed to create a workflow with any incomplete skills checklists.

This update fixes a bug that was causing this workflow to not occur due to an error in the workflow validation, failing the creation of the skills checklist. The proper workflow as described above will now occur.

Form Manager - Can't assign Category after creation

Currently, for an existing Questionnaire  that does NOT have a "Category" associated with it, if you attempt to assign one it fails to save the association. This fix will allow you to assign a “Category” after creation of the Questionnaire.

Add Recruiter Name to applicant export

We have added the ability to add the recruiter name on an applicant export.