Always validate I-9 forms when enabling blueprints

Currently  when enabling an I-9 blueprint, we attempt to validate the form and the validation fails. This is due to the I-9 being a custom form that doesn't have its template fields set up in the database. This update allows  the I-9 form validation to occur on the backend. 

Sanitize First and Last Name prior to submitting E-Verify

This update addresses a 400 status code error that occurs when an E-Verify case is submitted with special characters in the first or last name. Characters that are not alphanumeric, hyphens, spaces, or single quotes have to be sanitized prior to sending to Crimcheck for E-Verify.  First and last name will now be sanitized to allow for a successful submission to Crimcheck. 

Retrieve E-Verify case status from the Able API as the integrator 

In order to add support via the Able API to retrieve E-Verify case status from the APIs, we have updated the following:

  • Add support for allowing existing API consumers access to E-Verify API

  • Add support for retrieving the case details of a specific E-Verify Case, by case_id (from apl_everify_details)

  • Update Able API documentation appropriately

All WFM "Delete Onboarding Workflow" actions should make the same API request

We’ve added additional support to our “Delete Onboarding Workflow” actions to be consolidated such that they call the same code and therefore result in the exact same behavior. The issue of leaving credentials and skills checklists assigned in an unviewable/dangling state after selected  “Delete Assigned Tasks” (skills, credentials) also  won’t occur anymore. 

I-9 Receipts - Don't auto send E-Verify

We have added additional support for when the I-9 section 2 has been completed with at least one document being marked as a receipt: No longer automatically sending E-Verify even when the Auto Order E-Verify config is turned on.

The exception to this would be if the only receipts captured were of the following doc types:

  • Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa.

  • Nonimmigrant alien authorized to work for a specific employer because of his or her status.

** If either of the additional documents are marked as receipts, E-Verify should not be auto sent, even if the main List A type is one of the types mentioned above **

We also have added a record to apl_everify with an error message so the user knows why auto e-verify didn’t go through.

Identify a receipt for I-9 documentation as an Employer or Authorized Representative

This update allows I-9 Authorized Representatives to now check a box labeled, “This document is a receipt,” to flag provided documents when completing an I-9 Section 2 or I-9 Section 3. Additionally, recruiters will be able to track the status of the receipt’s expiration date and revise/update accordingly. See below for workflow details:

Authorized Representative Experience

  • As an Authorized Representative completing an I-9 Section 2 or I-9 Section 3

  • When I select a given document type

    • Or if completing Section 3: I select “*Are you reverifying expiring or expired employment authorization or employment authorization documentation?*”

  • We have added a checkbox to flag the provided document as a receipt

    • The label next to the checkbox is “This document is a receipt”

    • Not checked by default

    • When the checkbox is selected:

      • Append the word Receipt to the end of the Document Title

      • The Expiration Date field for the document will become a Receipt Expiration Date field

      • This new field is distinct from Expiration Date

Signing Experience

  • When an Authorized Representative begins signing

  • Ensure the the word “Receipt” is appended (with a space) to the Document Title for the given document

Recruiter Experience

  • On the I-9 Expirations view (I-9/E-Verify > Expirations)

  • If the candidate has provided a receipt, in the Expiring Docs column should be the name of the receipt and it’s expiration date

  • If the candidate has provided a receipt, add under Actions a new option: Revise I-9 Section 2

    • Pressing the Revise I-9 Section 2 CTA will perform the same action as Re-assign Section 2