Form Manager - Can't assign category after creation

This fix addresses a bug with our Form Manager with existing question forms that don’t have a category assigned when created. This update will now ensure that you can add a category after the form has been created as expected. 

Form Manager - Interviews listed in Alphabetical order

Updating our Interview template list to display  in alphabetical order rather than order of creation.

Checkbox Validation - Ensure one option is checked when checkbox group is required

Currently we can enable the requirement for a Checkbox field type, however the candidate can still proceed on without making a selection. We have added an enhancement so that if the checkbox field is required, then the candidate cannot proceed without having at least one of the options selected.

Credential Automation - Migrate to Certification File Attachment Entities

Modify credential automation triggers to support Bullhorn’s new certification protocol 

Missing placements from Bullhorn

Sometimes placement records never make their way into Able from Bullhorn for a Candidate.  We have observed that one of the reasons that this occurs is in the case of  having two Applicants in Able with the same Bullhorn Candidate id.  In this scenario, the placements then get added to the wrong Applicant, typically an inactive duplicate. We will no longer include inactive applicants in our search when trying to match up Bullhorn Candidates to Able Applicants.

Update ALL related requirements

When Bullhorn placements come into our system, we have improved the credential requirements pulling into our system so that we can ensure we are pulling all the credential requirements for a given placement.

Require Fed ID is toggled off, yet still showing in package that does not require it

Fixing an issue where the  "require fed ID" configuration was toggled off and was appearing to applicants on the preliminary info page prior to signing onboarding documents. 

WOTC Iframe Mobile Display Issue

Enhancement to the user interface on the ADP WOTC to make the text on mobile devices while completing the WOTC is readable. 

Prevent recruiter from choosing both the "Second Sign Later" Option AND assigning a Second Signer

Added an enhancement to prevent a recruiter from selecting both the “Second Sign Later” Option and also assigning a Second Signer for the I-9.