Skills Checklist View - Icon shows erroneously in WFM

The Skills Checklist View icon in WFM displays when the candidate has not yet completed the checklist on the profile, which throws an unhandled exception when clicking. This fix prevents the error from displaying once the Skills Checklist is completed.

2021 State Tax Fields Changed - Avionte No Longer Syncing

This fix adds support to the following issues with Avointe Sync: 

  1. Currently certain State Tax fields are no longer being pushed to Avionte

  2. The Avionte integration isn't using field mappings for things like State Tax forms

  3. The 2021 State Tax form fields changed from 2020, resulting in those changed fields not pushing to Avionte

Require Fed ID - Toggled off, yet still showing in package that does not require it

Fixing an issue where the  "Require Fed ID" configuration was toggled off and appearing to applicants on the preliminary info page prior to signing onboarding documents. 

Avionte not updated after e-verify case returns

This update fixes the following sync issue with Avointe E-verify cases: For customers using the Avionte integration, we were not pushing an "Update Applicant" after we received updates from e-verify.  This resulted in the customer not having e-verify results in the Avionte ATS. 

Able updating job preferences with parenthesis

This fix streamlines data transfer to Bullhorn to better support custom objects. 

Files larger than 4000 pixels in height fail to upload for applicants

We are experiencing issues with the file upload directive(s) in which the component fails to accept & upload files larger than 4000 pixels in height or 10/20MB in size. The resolution of this fix allows files up to 30MB to be uploaded anywhere throughout the application, and 10,000 pixels in height. We are now displaying an error message to the user if they attempt to upload something outside of these boundaries.