Applicants being directed to "Sign Up" tab after setting up password

This fix addresses an issue causing applicants to be directed to the “Sign Up” tab instead of the “Login” tab when they set up their  password.  Applicants will now be correctly directed to the “Login” tab. 

I-9 Section 1 - Information overwritten by other templates in package

This fix addresses  an issue with Section 1 of the I-9 that occurs when it is in a package and other templates in that package share similar field names, the separate I9 information can get overwritten by the information on the other templates and vice versa; this error would happen with common fields such as the first name and last name.

Checkbox validation - Ensure one option is checked when checkbox group is required

This is an enhancement  that if the checkbox field is required, we will require at least one of the options to be selected or the candidate can not proceed.

Save "I do not have a SSN" checkbox value

Currently we do not save the value from the “I do not have an SSN” checkbox anywhere. This should be stored in apl_properties. This can be referenced within the audit trail to confirm what value was last saved.

WFM - Credential Manager - Add single sync functionality

From the Credential Manager screen in WFM, we’ve added a way to sync single credentials from an ATS if configured.

Credential Automation - WFM - Credential Requirement Configuration UI Improvements

Improvements added to the Credential Requirement Configuration UI in WFM:

  • Ability to order Able Entity drop down to be alphabetical within Groups

  • Display ID for entity in parenthesis next to both Able Entity and Bullhorn Entity to improve visibility of mappings

  • Remove cst_credentials that have visible_to_applicant=0 from the Able Entity drop down

  • Remove cst_credentials that have no alt_id from the Bullhorn ATS Entity drop down

  • Create/Update/Delete of configurations from Configuration → Settings → Integrations → Bullhorn ATS → Entity Mappings