Bullhorn Category -  Doesn't User External ID Stored in DB

When setting the category on an applicant during a Bullhorn update, we currently take the value in apl_property where code = 'category' and query Bullhorn for a category with the value. This can lead to issues if there are duplicates in Bullhorn, it will bring back inconsistent ID results which we may end up associating both to the Candidate. In an attempt to prevent this, and save ourselves an external API call, we are doing a first check of our internal DB for a external_id linked to said category. If we don’t find one, still attempt to query BH the original way.


Remove password_hash from the WFM applicants API call

Currently when you log into WFM and the app fetches the most recent users, the response includes the applicants' password_hashes. We’ve updated this response to no longer include the applicant’s password_hash in the response payload. 

BSC - Sick Leave mobile display

Currently the sick leave on pay stubs in mobile shows with a dollar sign ($).  We have removed  that dollar sign so that it just shows as a number.

E-Verify - Case view not showing applicant's location

Currently, the case view in E-Verify does not include the applicant’s location. We’ve  fixed this issue to include location under the Applicant Primary Location column when viewing E-Verify cases.

Profile - My Profile - Work History not saving

This update fixes an issue that occurs  when the applicant navigates to the Work History page via the left hand navigation bar, the auto-save function fails to save when only one job is added if the  Entity Configuration for Work History has a Minimum Entities set to 1. 

Profile - Job Preferences - Earliest Available Date field formatting

Adjusting our date format to match BH’s date_available format. Bullhorn sends the date as YYYY/MM/DD, so we have adjusted Able’s to no longer be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY and to now match Bullhorn’s format.

State Tax Logic

We are updating the logic for state tax forms and using our new integration automation tables to support the state tax form logic we use to send values to BH. 

OR tax form logic:

  • filing status is Married, send OR-MS3 to the target field

  • filing status is Single and total exemptions is less than or equal to 2, send OR-S2 to the target field

  • filing status is Single and total exemptions is greater than 2, send OR-S3 to the target field

BullhornIntegrationManager - addApplicant - Doesn't check for existing Alt Id before adding

This update added additional dupe checking to prevent the same Alt ID from existing on more than one applicant in Bullhorn.

Resumes not transferring to Bullhorn

This update fixes an issue  causing resumes that are uploaded by the applicant in Profile as part of the application or via WFM to fail to sync to the Files tab in Bullhorn. These resumes will now successfully transfer to Bullhorn.  

Form Management - Enable/Disable experience

We have added a new configuration  to enable/disable the new Form Management Tool. To turn it on, navigate to the  System Settings > Workflow Manager > Enable V2 Form Manager Experience.

Cycle out “I want to create EmployStream account” in Bullhorn

Update text For Bullhorn customers, so that the Able tab will no longer say "I want to create an EmployStream account for...."  on candidate records who haven't been added to Able yet.