Signing up with existing email error message not present

Currently,  when an applicant is signing up with an email address that’s already in the system, we are not showing the applicant the error message that the email is already in the system. We have now fixed this bug so that an error message shows that the email is already in the system. 

Applicant Related Alerts - Ensure associated user is active

This enhancement prevents sending alerts that forms are expiring, or completed etc. to users that have been disabled in the system.


Credentials 2.0 - Require Expiration False - Storing '0000-00-00' as expiration_date

For Credentials 2.0, we were storing blank expiration dates as 0000-00-00 instead of “null.”  This update ensures we store the blank expiration date  as “null” going forward. 

Fixing file uploads “Replace” functionality 

When viewing an applicant's file uploads section, the WFM user will now be presented with a link to flag the file as having been "replaced". The link is shown on records that have not been flagged as "replaced" and have an expiration date not equal to null. Once this value is set to true, there is no way for the user to undo this action without the help of support.

Fixing credential not deleting entity custom fields

This bug fix allows you to delete credentials and re-sync them without error in a credential automation-like environment. A "credential automation-like environment" simply means that the customer has credentials setup with entity custom fields attached to them

WOTC Iframe mobile display issue

This update fixes an error causing the WOTC iFrame on mobile devices to not present the applicant all the WOTC questions.  The iframe will now show the WOTC questions. 

API - Request for second signer name in Workflow Completed payload

When an I-9 Section 2 is completed in Able, currently only the second signer email address was included in the payload.  We have added support for additional second signer info to be passed through API.