Permanent Resident Card -  COVID extension

We have expanded our acceptable documents to accept an old Permanent Resident Card, with documentation that the card is being renewed, in the form of an I-797.

Instructions for completing this document combination are as follows:

  • In the Document Number field, enter the card number provided on the expired PRC 

  • In the Expiration Date field, enter the date that is 12 months from the "Card Expires" date on the expired PRC

  • In the Additional Information box, write "PRC Ext" and the I-90 receipt number from the Form I-797

As a customer, I would like to enable/disable the Placement Information view (Tasks List enabled)

Adding the ability to enable/disable the Placement Information view which is shown if the Tasks List is enabled. (Tasks List must be enabled: System Settings > Onboarding > Show Placement Information with Tasks List) 

To show this configuration:

  1. Settings > Engage > Disable Engage Placements must be disabled

  2. New config must be enabled

Track WOTC service errors

When an error occurs during the creation of a WOTC survey, we have now added the ability to alert the user and allow them to continue. We also are keeping track of surveys that have failed.

Credentials 2.0 - Enable via Settings

We have added the ability to enable the Credentials 2.0 Candidate Experience, which is an updated user interface that provides a more straightforward, responsive and instructive experience for managing candidate credentials. Administrators can now set credential requirements such as license number, expiration date, completion date and image details.

To enable this configuration, administrators can go  to Settings > Configuration > Onboarding >: Enable Credentials 2.0.

Add support for retrieving the details of a specific Screening Order record

For API Developers for a Customer/Partner, we're adding API support for screening retrieval.

Improve loading speed of large Applicant Lists in WF

We’ve updated how we load applicant lists to improve the speed when retrieving applicants.

Implement language selection menu in Profile

We’ve added support that candidates or Authorized Representatives using Profile can change the desired language from anywhere within the application. This is an updated change from the applicant only being able to select their language from the login/sign up page. This change makes it possible to manage the desired language for Authorized Representatives using I-9 Section 2.

Enable the new Tasks List UI

We have added our new Tasks List User Interface into production. This new interface shows requests for Forms, Packages, Credentials, and Skills Checklists under a single list interface on the employee’s dashboard. To enable, navigate to  System Settings > Employee Portal > Enable Tasks List. When the setting is enabled, the alert banners for Credentials, Skills Checklists, and Forms will be disabled. 

Add support for ordering Screening Services and Packages for a given Applicant

We have added support for API Developers for a Customer/Partner to be able to order screening packages/services via the Able API for an applicant.