Date of Birth error message

The minimum DOB error message was showing incorrectly as “Date needs to be on or before Date of Birth”. We have updated this so that the message displays correctly  as “Date needs to be on or before ” followed by the actual minimum date. The current default age is 14 years, but this can be set to the administrator’s preference  in the configuration “ Minimum Applicant Age.”


Interviews -  Scheduled tab not showing applicant/recruiter name

This fix addresses an issue causing the applicant and  recruiter name to not show  in WFM->Interviews. The  applicant and recruiter name are now visible. 

Bullhorn - Category not synced from Bullhorn doesn't appropriately get added to applicant

This update fixes a bug that prevented categories that were manually created from saving to an applicant’s profile post-application. 

Forgot Password - New email for account exist but password not set

We have changed how we handle the forgot password functionality for users in WFM:

  • We will now return a success regardless of if the users email exists or not

  • We will either (1) send out a standard forgot password email if the account exists, or (2)l send a new email template if an account does exist but the user hasn't set their password yet, which will then prompt them to activate their account and set a password.


API - Delete/Cancel Workflow - not working in PROD

Adding support to the API call in PROD to allow to delete/cancel a workflow.

Analytics Dashboard - Shows screening orders in CANCELLED status

On the analytics dashboard page, there is a section to show screening orders for the current logged in user which is titled "My Screening Orders". The intent of this section is to show active screening orders which the current user has initiated, but we were previously showing cases with  screening orders with a status of CANCELLED. We have updated the section so that only active screening orders will be reflected. 

Create "Sync To [ATS]" functionality

This feature adds functionality which allows admin users in the system to manually sync information and applicants TO Bullhorn instead of only FROM Bullhorn.

Custom Reference Dates not syncing to BH

We’ve added support to send custom reference dates to Bullhorn. The field mapping must be set up within Integrations to send to BH.