Ensure Credential Dates are not being set to invalid formats

The Credentials UI converts “null” into a date “0000-00-00” into our database, which is an incorrect date format. We’ve updated this so the moment conversion is valid or assigning null to the data. 

Add support for posting a webhook callback after a Screening Service or Package is ordered

In the API, we’ve added support for users to receive Screening Order Create webhook callbacks at the URL that is specified when creating the subscription, so that users can perform actions on their own systems.

We have provided a suite of APIs and developer tools which will allow Screening Service Providers to manage and act on Screening Services and Packages which are ordered in Able. 

Additional notifications that require configurations in System Settings > Notifications

The following 3 alerts  have been added to System Settings > Notifications:

  • EdocSigRequestAssignSecondSigner - Sent when an I-9 is signed that does not have a second signer assigned

  • EdocRequestRoleAssign - Sent when a multi-sign doc is signed and does not have a second signer assigned

  • EdocRequestRoleWaiting - Sent to second signer when a multi-doc has been signed and there is already a second signer set

I-9 Section 2 – Add support for filtering Identity and Employment Authorization document lists based on employee attestation

Added support for an Authorized Representative to see Identity and Employment Authorization documents that apply to a candidate given their stated attestation, to help narrow the big lists of documents to choose from. This will be available to Authorized Representatives if the filter “Identity and Employment Authorization Document Lists based on Attestation” is enabled. In the List A, List B, and List C document lists, only display documents that apply, given the employee’s stated attestation.

I-9 Section 2 – Add a configuration for enabling document selection filtering based on attestation

Added a configuration for administrators to toggle Identity and Employment Authorization document filtering based on Employee Attestation. This configuration is under Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify>Filter Identity and Employment Authorization Document Lists based on Attestation. The default for this configuration is Off. 

E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 - Allow filtering by Case Number

Added support for a recruiter  to search for a specific E-Verify case number directly from the E-Verify Dashboard. We want to make it easier to facilitate rapid resolution of E-Verify issues and anomalies. 

E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 - Allow filtering by Applicant Name

Added the ability for recruiters to search for a specific Applicant name (first and last) directly from the E-Verify Dashboard Filter View, so they can quickly locate cases belonging to a candidate.

E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 – Add support for linking to Applicant Details view

Previously, it was not possible to follow a link to a candidate  from the E-Verify Dashboard, requiring multiple steps to finding information about the candidate. We have updated the E-Verify Dashboard such that the content of the Applicant/Location field links to the applicant.

I-9 Section 1 – Implement configurable maximum age on Date of Birth field

We have updated the ability for administrators  to configure the minimum date that an employee can provide as their Date of Birth, so that the admin doesn’t have to correct I-9s. We have added the new configuration to System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Employee Maximum Age: Governs the date furthest in the past that employee’s can select as their date of birth.

Tasks List – Show "Complete Profile" as a task in the Tasks List

We have added support to show “Complete Profile” as a candidate using the Tasks List, so the user knows they need to complete My Application prior to completing My Tasks, which will also prevent them from being redirected to a process they weren’t prepared to complete. 

  • Adds a  Complete Profile task, which is visible at the top of the list and will prompt them to start the application  

  • The CTAs for other tasks would be disabled until the application is completed

  • The CTA will link to the step required step of the application

  • Will only disable tasks if Settings > Onboarding > Require Profile Completion is enabled

I-9 Section 2 – Authorized Representatives who were assigned by the employee should have prefilled "Your Occupation/Job Title"

We have changed functionality for the “Applicant Assigned” I-9 Interface so when the Applicant assigns the name and email address for the Authorized Representative completing  Section II on their behalf, they will also now complete the “Occupation/Job Title” field as well, instead of the Authorized Representative.

WFM  - Add a new Configuration View dedicated to managing Job Categories 

We have customers which maintain very large lists of Job Categories and Tags which can significantly affect the loading time of the Company Settings Configuration View.

We have moved them to a new Top level configuration view. Users who have the access privileges required to manage the Job Categories and Tags can navigate to Configuration > Job Categories

Filtering E-Verify cases on the E-Verify Dashboard

We now allow filtering on the E-Verify Dashboard  by the following fields:

  • Notify-By Date Range (start+end range date fields; default : empty)

  • Case Status (default: Open Closed enabled)

  • Eligibility (default: Incomplete, Authorized enabled)