Avionte mapping improvements 

Fixed logic error within Avionte integration to allow customers to map additional Avionte values.

Bullhorn tab duplicate message needs to reflect new brand

We have adjusted "Employstream" to "Able" in the following message in Bullhorn: “Candidate already exists in Employstream. Please choose the Employstream account that belongs to this candidate.”

Issue with Save and Exit

This fix addresses a  bug where an applicant attempts to click "Save and Exit" without filling in any fields for the I-9, then the server fails to process the request, and the applicant is stuck with a moving spinner. We have fixed this logic to prevent this behavior so the candidate can log back in and complete their I-9.

Bullhorn - Syncing credentials fails for custom fields

Clicking the "Sync Credentials" button after deleting a credential out of Able results in an error. We have fixed this so that administrator’s can delete a credential and re-sync them without errors and click the “Sync Credentials”  button as many times as needed without an error.

Some workflow alerts not respecting use_engage flag

Updated all workflow communications to ensure URL's consistently route applicants to appropriate Able User Interface

Re-download I-9 Section 2

We have created a button available next to Section 1 to download Section 2. This update doesn’t change I-9 functionality, it is just an additional tool for administrators.

Saving Work and Education History custom fields through API applicant patch

We were not saving custom fields through the public API applicant patch endpoint.  This is because the ApplicantManager saves Work and Education History in its own way instead of using the WorkHistoryManager and EducationHistoryManager. We have updated the way we save these for the API so they will also send to the endpoint.

Createbox Screening Packages break if applicant has too many apl_properties to load

The createbox is failing to load the necessary data if the applicant in question has too many records in apl_properties. We have updated the way we store these so they load.

Deleted applicants with active onboarding still shows on Dashboard

When an applicant has an open onboarding request and that applicant gets deleted, it is currently still showing the request on the WFM Dashboard under My Onboarding Requests. We have updated this so that deleted requests will not show up under the active onboarding dashboard.

Screening Packages dropdown erroneously disabled by invalid email error

Fixing an issue in which the “Screening Packages” dropdown is being disabled due to an error reading. This is due to a condition in which the applicant is still loading in the main profile component while the createbox is trying to use it’s email address to determine if it’s valid or not. This has resulted in a null email address being checked for validity even though once the applicant finally loads, they clearly have a valid address in the profile. We have fixed this issue, so that the recruiter can send screening packages to candidates with valid email addresses.

Ability to clear data during onboarding for all field types

We’ve added additional support to allow candidates to clear options on a state tax form to allow for re-entry.

Applicant resume upload only works once

When an applicant uploads their resume and then a user deletes it there is currently no way for the applicant to upload another one. We have added the functionality within Basic Information for a candidate to re-upload a resume.