Deleted forms available in Location Manager

This fix addresses a bug within location-specific forms and packages causing both enabled and disabled forms to be displayed  when sending forms and packages to an applicant. We have fixed this behavior so that only enabled forms will be displayed.

Avionte import with queue

This  fix addresses an issue  that occurs when an applicant was imported by typing in their talent id (Avionte id) to the search bar and an entirely new record with a new Avionte id was created rather than importing the record.

Public API Work and Education History

Fixing a bug with the API that resulted in the platform  sending messages to the queue for each of an applicant's work and education history records every time an applicant was updated; we were sending messages whether a work or education history record was modified or not.

We have fixed this so that we only send messages to the queue for work and education history records if they have actually been updated.

I-9 Section 2 Not Showing

This is fixing behavior that the location codes in our url could have caused potential loading issues with I-9 Section 2. 

I-9 Digest – Add support for showing the count of expiring document receipts

Adding support for recruiters reviewing the I-9 Digest to now see the number of document receipts that are expiring within the next 90  days. Below shows the I-9 Digest email with the new line specifically for document receipt expirations.

Job Category Management – Move "Sync Categories and Skills" button to the new Job Categories management view

For administrators, we have added support to execute an ATS Job Category sync from the Job Categories View at Configuration > Job Categories, instead of in the Settings > Integrations view.

If an ATS is enabled, show a Sync from ATS button, which syncs the records from the ATS,

Improve performance of Credential Administration experience

We’ve added support for administrators to be able to see the list of Credentials in the Manage Credentials view (Configuration > Credentials) load faster with pagination.