Disabled forms no longer showing in Form Manager

This update fixes a bug caused by a change made in the API endpoint to retrieve forms, in which we added a condition to hide disabled forms. This fix returns inactive forms and lets the frontend filter out the active/inactive forms that it needs to.


E-Verify Table - User seeing "No Data”

This update fixes a bug affecting Custom Admin users that were not able to see E-Verify data for an applicant even though they have filtered by location.

Profile - Allow past dates in the Complete Date field for the Credential Upload page 

When the user is filling out Credential Upload, they are now able to select a date in the past for Complete Date.

Foreign Passport document mismatch issue with Crimcheck E-Verify Integration

Resolves potential errors when submitting cases to E-Verify. When completing I-9 Section 2, show an A-Number/USCIS Number confirmation field if a document which may depend on it is selected and was not provided by the employee while completing I-9 Section 1.

  • We recommend all customers begin to enable System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Filter Identity and Employment Authorization Document Lists based on Attestation to help avoid the document/attestation mismatches that result in these issues.

Fix broken/missing country codes in Crimcheck/E-Verify integration

In I-9 Section 2, the Issuing Authority field is now an autocomplete field when providing information for a Foreign Passport. This helps ensure data consistency and proper submission to E-Verify. Screencap and Screenshot available below:

Reduce polling lag and UX challenges with Crimcheck/E-Verify

We’ve added support for allowing recruiters to request an import of E-Verify cases that have been either added or updated since the previous E-Verify Case update polling period.

Deprecate Config: Form I-9 & E-Verify > Enable Engage I-9 Section 2 & 3

The configuration System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Enable Engage I-9 Section 2 & 3 has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Engage will become the default experience for completing I-9 Section 2 and 3. There is not yet a timeline for the removal of this configuration and we will send out a separate communication with additional details.

Configuration – Add a configuration for enabling E-Verify Dashboard 2.0

Administrators can now enable the beta E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 to take advantage of new and exciting E-Verify compliance features. You may use it by enabling System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > E-Verify Dashboard 2.0

I-9 Management and Completion – Replace all references of "Second Signer" with "Authorized Representative"

Across the application, we’ve updated all usage of the term “Second Signer” to the more appropriate term, “Authorized Representative.”

System Management – Add support for indicating that a given configuration enables a feature in Beta

We’ve added support to indicate that configuration controls functionality are in beta and may result in workflow changes for recruiters or candidates. Screenshots below indicating features: 

System Management – Add support for indicating that a given configuration is deprecated

Added support for an administrator to see configurations that are deprecated and will soon be removed, either because a feature is being removed or because a feature is becoming a default. 

I-9 Section 2 – Implement improved presence-of validation on all fields

In I-9 Section 2, we’ve improved how we handle validating the presence of values for required fields. When attempting to submit I-9 Section 2 we will highlight in red and display an error label on any required field left empty, and also display an error in a toast notification. We’ve extended support for explicitly marking Document ID  as N/A by pressing the Document Number is Not Applicable checkbox. Screencap and Screenshot available below:

Bullhorn Core Api - Integration Field Automation

Add support for custom field mapping setup which allows for dynamic field generation based on multiple variables. For example If tax_state = OH and filing_status = S them send value "OH-Single" to ATS

Update default Spanish and French language localizations

We’ve updated default Spanish and French localizations with professionally translated strings. These updates will only apply to localizations that have not been overridden by customers.