Public API - Deactivated Able customer requests

Updating our public API to not allow deactivated customers  in Able to make requests through the API.

Task List - Multi Signer requests display after applicant signs

Fixing an issue that occurs when "Tasks List" is enabled in WFM and a multisign signature request is sent, the completion of applicant signature is not removed from the  list. After the applicant signature is complete it will now successfully be removed from the task list.   

DOB Showing as updated from "" to ""

Resolved an issue which could have misleadingly displayed empty applicant audit log entries for “Date of Birth” and “Fed ID” fields when the System Settings > Onboarding > Fed ID and DOB Not Required config is enabled.

Skills Checklists with subscores breaks the group completion

Resolved an issue  preventing  Skill Groups from being correctly marked as complete or incomplete in Skills Checklists using sub-scores.

Profile - Credentials V1 :  Requested Credentials displaying status next to name

Resolved an issue when the status of the requested Credential was displaying next to the Name in the list of Requested Credentials, instead of just the name. 

ATS ID not mapping when creating applicant in WFM

Resolved an issue with ATS IDs added when creating an applicant in WFM via “+ Add an Applicant” (not Quick Add) were not being saved properly in the Able database. Note, this was only an issue when creating an applicant; the ATS ID saves correctly when editing an applicant.

I-9 Expirations DataTable Handle 'No Data' Row when Data

The data table in I-9 / E-Verify > Expirations is currently showing the 'No Data' row when there is data.  We have updated it so it only shows the No Data row when there are no records.

I-9 Section 2 – Allow Authorized Representatives to select an "Employment Start Date" prior to the 3-day limit if correcting or revising an I-9

While an Authorized Representative is revising I-9 Section 2 (in the case of following up on a Document Receipt Expiration), we’ve improved the validation applied to First Date of Employment, allowing for a date as far back as the Employee’s original First Date of Employment date on record.

Tasks List – When an Onboarding Task is completed, present a toast notification acknowledging that success

Whenever an Onboarding Task is completed we’ll show a “Success” toast notification, to help assure Candidates that their task has been recorded and has been signed successfully. If a Candidate saves their work without signing, we’ll also present a “Success” toast notification indicating that we’ve successfully saved their progress.

When paired with Tasks List and System Settings > Employee Portal > Auto-Redirect to Next Task, this helps produce a seamless onboarding experience while also helping to reassure Candidates that their work is being successfully saved.

Job Category Management – Migrate Category list retrieval to Core API

Streamlined filtering and searching functionality for Categories/Tags to increase performance.

Location Configuration - Default to customer Primary Location 

We’ve added a new configuration which allows customers to choose if candidates ought to be able to select a country of residence when completing their Profile, and Application, or Preliminary Information prior to completing onboarding documents. We’ve also updated the default behavior, so that if this setting is not enabled, the candidate will be defaulted to the country associated with the customer’s Primary Location.

Cleanup duplicate note types

Currently, the adm_note_types table contains a series of duplicate note types, we have updated the list to shown below. 

Public API - Applicants:  Associate Applicant Id when logging requests

We have updated the API to associate Applicant ID to request logging for better tracking of applicants through the workflow.


Sync from ATS issues

We have added shift availability and day availability to the Bullhorn field mapping options. 

Deprecate Config: System Settings > Onboarding > Credentials 2.0

In our March 2021, we fully launched our improved Candidate Credential Management Experience, Credentials 2.0. This improved experience can be enabled by toggling System Settings > Onboarding > Credentials 2.0. In this release, we are deprecating the old Candidate Credential Management Experience, and will be making Credentials 2.0 the default experience. In the July 8, 2021 Biweekly Product Update the old Credential Management experience will be removed alongside this configuration.