Hovering over package shows "Undefined"

Resolves an issue preventing  proper display of forms included in a package when viewed from the Active Edocs view.

Public API - Workflow Summary - Doesn't retrieve Skill Checklist info

Resolved an issue which prevented Skills Checklists from being included in Workflow Summary. 

Skills Checklists with subscores breaks the group completion

Resolves an issue which may have prevented navigation of Skills Checklists using sub-scores.

WFM Credential Management - ATS Improvements

Resolves issues with the WFM Credential Management view, which resulted in ATS-specific behavior being available when an ATS is not enabled.

No states in dropdown in Profile

Resolved an issue which may have prevented Applicants from saving their address.

Skills Checklists – On reload doesn't recognize saved Group 1 answers

We fixed a bug that was not saving Skills Checklist answers and forcing the applicant to provide answers more than once. 

I-9 Management – Add Core API endpoint for retrieving all I-9s in all non-deleted/non-expired statuses

We added a Core API endpoint which can retrieve all I-9 records which are in a non-deleted/non-expired status.

I-9 Management – Add Core API support for leaving an I-9 or E-Verify note for a specific candidate

Added to the Next-Gen API support for adding, listing, and deleting Applicant Notes; also added support to new note topics for I-9 and E-Verify

Remove Config: Core API replatforming Settings > Credential Management: Editable Datatable

We’ve rolled out support for the updated Credential Management Experience (WFM > Settings > Credentials) to all customers through a successful beta period, and we’re now rolling that out to all customers. The legacy Credential Management Experience has been removed from the codebase.

Deprecate Config: Form I-9 & E-Verify > Show Example Photos of I-9 IDs

We are deprecating the config, System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Show Example Photos of I-9 IDs. In order to improve the experience for all Authorized Representatives completing I-9 Section 2, we will always display example images for all Identity and Work Authorization documents. In the July 8, 2021 Biweekly Product Update we will always show example images and this configuration will be removed.

Core API – Add support for retrieving a list of I-9s w/ Section 2 Additional Info like "COVID"

Added an additional view in WFM to sort I-9 records that have Additional Info, to show cases which will require some kind of post-COVID extension action.

Public API - Applicants - Start Signing URL - Add Optional Applicant Id Param

Resolved an issue which prevented the applicant’s country from being properly synced to Avionte

Avionte: Save county back to Avionte

In AvionteModelMapper we are not saving `county` back to Avionte on the Talent->residentAddress node.

GAP: Respect "Disable Work/Edu History" flags in Avionte Classic Integration

In AvionteApplicantsModel->loadExternalApplicant() we are importing Education and Work history records from Avionte even if the customer has the configs toggled in WFM to disable those objects.

List A Document "A5" ought to prompt for only one additional document

Authorized Representatives will now correctly be prompted to supply one additional document when choosing the List A document, Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa.

  • Note: As of this release, we are now always retrieving I-9 Document details from the API, allowing us to more rapidly make changes and additions to the document list, whenever it’s necessary.