Skill Checklist - Fails to construct proper file name when Skill Checklist name has a period in it

Resolved an issue which could prevent saving completed Skills Checklists if the Skills Checklist name contained a period.

CPS job apply directs to Portal

Resolved a bug that was directing applicants to Portal instead of Engage when applying for jobs.

"Over Due" Interviews cannot transition to "No Show" status

Resolved an issue which prevented Interviews from transitioning to “No Show” status.

 "I do not have an SSN" checkbox bug

Resolved an issue which resulted in SSN fields not appearing for applicants who reside in Canada.

Deleted online app questions form not removing Category

Resolved an issue which may have prevented proper association of pre-screening forms with categories.

Resolve I-9 Expirations Dashboard issues

Resolved issues on the I-9 Expirations view, which resulted in the inclusion of I-9 records with work authorization documents that do not require reverification. We will now only show the following expiring employment authorization (List A or List C) documents:

  • Any document that has been indicated as being a Receipt

  • Foreign passport that contains a temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa.

  • Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)

  • Foreign Passport w/ Form I-94

  • Passport from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) with Form I-94/I-94A

  • Passport from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) with Form I-94/I-94A

  • Employment auth. document (DHS)

Create custom data views API

Allow users to define specific filtering criteria for endpoints supporting filtering criteria models.

  • Create (users can create public or private views in their org)

  • Read (users can get collections of views they can use to apply to specific endpoints)

  • Update (admins can manage all public views for org)

  • Delete (Users can delete views that they have access to delete)

Screening Order Core API – Add support for getting the Report attachment associated with a screening order

Allows API user to download the Report file associated with a provided screening order so that it can be viewed by a recruiter.

Screening Order Core API – Add support for providing a Result attachment associated with a screening order

Added Next-Generation API support for providing and retrieving a Background Screening results file attachment. 

Screening Order Core API – Add CRUD support for providing an invitation URL for a given screening order

Added Next-Generation API support for providing and retrieving an Background Screening Invitation URL, where candidates will be directed to complete background screening.

I-9 Management – When leaving an I-9 or E-Verify related Note, write a corresponding I-9 Audit Trail record

Added support for recruiters viewing the I-9 audit trail record for a candidate, allowing them to see any Notes that were left as part of that export, so that further context can be presented in the case of an audit.

WFM – Add a new I-9 view for reviewing I-9s with Additional Info containing "COVID"

Added a COVID Extensions view (WFM > I-9 / E-Verify > COVID Extensions) from which recruiters can locate and action on employee I-9s that contain Additional Info similar to COVID (COVID-19, COVID-EXT, etc). From this view, staff will be expected to revise an I-9 Section 2 or I-9 Section 3 in order to provide permanent document information for I-9s that contain receipts or expired documents; as well as documents that may require physical inspection. 

Handle HelloSign error codes

This adds logic for handling HelloSign status code errors to give the recruiter/WFM user the ability to delete or resend the signature request in order to get it resolved.

User unable to view Expiration Report on Dashboard

Resolves an issue with users with secondary locations who are unable to view I-9 document expirations from candidates whose home location is not the WFM user’s primary location.  

Public API - Applicants - Associate Applicant ID when logging requests

Resolved an issue which prevented association of Applicant IDs in public API logging. 

GAP: Branch location not getting set when importing Applicant from Avionte

Updating an issue causing the  importing of an applicant with an existing branch location from Avionte into Able to not  set a branch location.