Second Signer stuck in processing issue

Resolved issues which could have resulted in document signature requests getting “stuck” In Progress. 

Task List - Gaps in Sig Request Actions taken within WFM

Fixed an issue which removed signature requests from task UI after "reorder" was selected within WFM

Avionte integration bug fix with 'Disable ATS Sync' Flag

The Disable ATS Sync flag that can be set per template is not being respected by the Avionte integration manager.  Therefore documents are still being sent to Avionte even though a customer has this flag set on a few of their templates.

We should respect the flag at the HelloSign Controller level so that this flag is respected by all integrations instead of having the logic duplicated across all of our integrations.

Work/Edu mobile scrolling

When completing this package on a mobile device and candidates navigate to the Work/Edu questions and click to add, it scrolls the candidate to the bottom of the page, causing the applicant to then have to scroll to the top of the page back to the work/edu questions. The fix results in expected behavior, when you click on the Add education, it opens the fields up and does not scroll the candidate to the bottom of the page.

Add file extension filtering to file uploads

Adding file extension filtering to file uploads to show approved extensions or if  file extensions have an error based on the file type. 

WFM - I-9 Management: Once the document was tagged as being a Receipt, it won’t reset if the I-9 Section 2 is Reassigned

I-9 Management Experience - Resolved an issue which may have prevented I-9 records which originally contained document receipts, but have since been updated with permanent document information, from being removed from the Expirations view.

I-9 Section 2 - Update heading for Section 2 document entry

Change the “Identification Document” heading for Section 2 verification to “Document Verification”. 

Crimcheck - Additional CaseCreator fields

Adding  support for sending additional user information alongside E-Verify Case creation requests, allowing for more accurate association of E-Verify cases with recruiters. 

Handle HelloSign error codes

Added support for indicating when errors are encountered while signature requests are completed. If an error is encountered on the Applicant Profile view or Active Onboarding views, the recruiter should have the ability to reorder the docs or delete the package. This should be the same case for docs on the onboarding page.

Modify transferUser portion of Customer transfer utility to correctly create Auth0 users

Resolving an issue where users were not transferring properly between environments.

Auto E-Verify should not run if revising I-9 Section 2

I-9 Management Experience - When performing revise Section 2 actions, suppress Automatic E-Verify in order to prevent case duplication issues.

Filter the expirations list to only show I-9's with a signed Section 2

I-9 Management Experience - We’ve updated the I-9 Expirations view (I-9 / E-Verify > Expirations) so that it displays only completed I-9s.

Deprecate Config with Date: Form I-9 & E-Verify > Enable Engage I-9 Section 2 & 3

I-9 Configuration - Deprecate config with date:  System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Enable Engage I-9 Section 2 & 3. In the 2021.08.05 Biweekly Product Update, we will be removing support for the old I-9 Section 2 and 3 experiences. Customers will be automatically opted in to using the modern Section 2 & 3 experiences and this configuration will be removed.