Custom Typeahead Select Fields Display Does Not Reflect Required

Custom Type Ahead select fields were not displaying  as required in WFM on the Applicants profile, as they were not allowing typing to select from the list. 

Bullhorn - Able Tab - Create Applicant With Pre-Existing Job Placements Fails To Sync Placement

Resolved an issue with creating an applicant from Bullhorn with a pre-existing job, the system fails to sync the placement. 

Skill Groups Uploaded by Public API Not Showing as Completed

Resolved an issue resulting in skill groups not showing as completed in the UI when the  skills checklists have been added via Public API integration, 

Preliminary Information - Re-verifying Matching Values for SSN and Date of Birth Fields 

Resolved  an issue with Preliminary Information - both SSN and Date of Birth fields do not reverify the matching of the values once a successful match has been made prior to editing the fields. 

Dashboard Section 2 Link

On the Dashboard view, we resolved an issue preventing recruiters from navigating to I-9 Section 2 by clicking  the I-9 WAITING link.  

Field “last_i9_signed_date” Synced Incorrectly to Bullhorn with an Additional Three Years Added to the Date

Resolved an issue for customers with “last_i9_signed_date” field mapped to a Bullhorn field causing three years to be added to the when this date value is synced.

I-9 Management – Handling Special Characters in Employee Names for PDFs

Resolved an issue which may have prevented downloading of I-9 PDFs if the an employee’s name contained special characters.

Ensure that FSM/RMI I-9's with D/S For Expiration Date Do Not Show Up In Expiration Table

Updated the Expirations view to ensure that specific documents with D/S expiration dates do not appear.

Applicant E-Verify – Automatically Refresh E-Verify Cases via Applicant E-Verify View

Automatically refresh recruiter E-Verify cases when navigating to the Applicant E-Verify view (Applicants > {applicant} > E-Verify), mitigating impact of E-Verify service polling on day-to-day recruiter operations.

I-9 Management - Prefill Expiration Date When Receipt Box is Marked in Section 2

For documents that are selected and marked as receipts in Section 2, the system will now also auto-populate the Receipt Expiration Date field with an expiration date that is 90 days after the employee's First Date of Employment field. (source). 

I-9 Section 2 - Permit Start Date to Be as Early as 11/7/1986

Given that employers are required to complete and maintain a Form I-9 for every new employee hired after November 6, 1986, we have now updated the Start Date in Section 2 to be more than three days in the past, no earlier than November 7, 1986 (source). 

Preliminary Information – Add Support for Toggling Date of Birth Field Value Masking

Adding controls for the candidate completing Preliminary Information prior to onboarding, so that we can control the value masking of the Date of Birth fields and allowing the date of birth to be hidden. 


Update Crimcheck Service/Package Names on Sync

Resolved an issue which prevented Crimcheck background screening services/packages names from being updated during syncing.

Update Auth0 implementation to support MFA

Update Auth0 implementation to support Multi Factor Authentication within WFM, please reach out to to have this enabled for you.

Bullhorn Resume Parser Bugs

Resolved resume parser issues preventing Work History and Education History from being saved and persisted to Bullhorn. 

E-Verify: Use Applicant's Recruiter for E-Verify Auth

Updated E-Verify case creation such that the recruiter who created an I-9 is set as the creator of the case; if not set, the recruiter associated with the applicant will be set as the creator of the case. 

PHP API New Endpoint - GET User By External ID

Public API: Allow retrieval of user records by external ID in addition to their Able ID. 

Credentials: Only Front Image Downloadable Through WFM

Added support for downloading both the front and back of a Credential supplied by an Applicant. 

Update Job Board Proximity Search to Compute Distance Based on Longitude/Latitude

We were using the Google API to calculate distances from the search point to each and every job returned to the job board.  We have changed the way we update job board proximity search to compute distance based on longitude/latitude.

Add Api I9 Detail Create/Edit to Audit Trail

Added logging to the audit trail to show the “apl_i9_detail” field so we can see when the data was first created or when the data was overwritten. 

Mask SSN in WFM

Restricted SSN visibility on Audit Trail view and Edit Applicant view

  • The ViewSSN permission is still be respected

  • If user has permission, the SSN field should load masked and have a show button

  • When in show mode User should be able to edit SSN like normal

  • When hide is clicked, the field should re-mask. Verify the masked value is NOT saved to the DB