Empty Sig Requests Being Attached To File Uploads Via Application

Fixing an issue with file uploads attaching empty signature requests. 

Audit Trail Showing Incomplete Logs

Updating the Audit Log so it shows all application steps for an applicant ( work/edu history), standard core edocs, as well as an i9

Interviews -- Today's Agenda Occasionally Shows Interviews from 1 Month Ag

Fixing a bug to only show interviews from today and future interviews under “Today’s Agenda”

UI Incorrectly Handles No Applicant Self-Order Forms

Fixing a UI Issue with Self-Order forms in the Pay Options tab on the profile. 

Duplicated Icons

Fixing a bug where duplicated icons were appearing within WFM.

Job Preferences - Earliest Available Start Date Displaying Invalid After Save

Fixing an issue with Job Preferences showing an invalid start date. 

Placement Automation Bugs

Essentially we fixed a bug to ensure placement automation only triggers once all conditions have been met

E-Verify - Populate Crimcheck List A, B, C Doc Types Based On DB Map

Updating the Crimcheck E-verify integration so that we are sending the correct case sensitive check on Document Type ID. 

WFM - Credential Automation - Credential Requirement Configuration UI Doesn't Load For Bad Mappings

Removing the Invalid Mappings for Credential Automation to prevent UI Errors. 

Add Typeahead to Form Download tool

Added a type ahead field on the mass signed form download section in WFM->Onboarding->Form Download as the list of forms to scroll through can be very large.

WFM Audit Trail "Updated-By" Field Doesn't Reflect API Changes

Made a change so that an applicant profile made by API calls should indicate so in the Audit Trail in WFM.  


I-9 Details Panel - Incorrect “Expires:” date specified in the Work Authorization Expiration section of the I-9 details panel

Cleaning up some minor issues with the I-9 Details Panel and I-9 Dashboard.

I-9 Details Panel - When you click Do Not Reverify button from I-9 details panel, the I-9 record still being shown in the Work Auth. Expirations filter in the I-9 dashboard

Cleaning up some minor issues with the I-9 Details Panel and I-9 Dashboard.

Unable to open Details Panel on I-9 Dash 2.0 for applicants with special characters in their name

Updating a bug from the 7/22/2021 release, it was discovered that you are unable to open the details panel of the I-9 Dashboard 2.0 for applicants with special characters in their names. 

I-9 Management - Create a System Configuration That Enables the Update SSN Workflow

Adding a configuration for administrators configuring an Able tenant, to have the ability to turn on the Update SSN Workflow, so that the cst can enable if decided.

I-9 Section 2 - Default Section 2 Auth. Rep. Title to "Authorized Representative"

Updating Section 2 of the I-9 for the title to automatically populate to “Authorized Representative”

Account Activation – Automatically log in Applicants who have activated their account by creating a password

After an Applicant creates or resets their password, they will be automatically logged in and directed to their Profile home page.

Onboarding Tasks Email – Redirect Applicant through Activation + Create Password sequence if Account has not been activated

We’ve streamlined Applicant account activation by ensuring Applicants who arrive to Profile from an Onboarding Tasks Email are immediately prompted to create a password; rather than being required to decide whether they need to Log In or Sign Up for an account.

I-9 Management - Create Ability to Search for I-9 Records Without Social Security Numbers

Created the ability for employers to search for employees that specifically do not have an SSN saved to I-9 Section 1.

I-9 Section 1 - Add Mexico to the State/Province Dropdown List for the Employee's Address

Added Mexico to the “State” dropdown list for Section 1 employee address.

Bullhorn Core Api - Auth Retry

Adjust API logic to request a new authorization token when re-auth fails rather than attempting to pull the same token again.

Expiring Document Alert, Alert Only Active Users

Fixing an issue to not be alerting inactive applicants or inactive users. But we should still alert applicants if the user is not active and we should not alert users if the applicant is inactive.

Credential View Button Visibility

The View Front and View Back buttons should not be visible until the applicant uploads the credential. The View Back button should not be visible unless there is a back image associated to the credential

Move Re-assign/Delete Workflow Alerts to Internal Pop-Ups

Making a change to be able to re-assign signers from within the BH tab. 

Bullhorn Core API - Always Send Full Address/SecondaryAddress to BH

Sending full address/secondary address to Bullhorn. 

Add Edit Button to Mindscope iFrame in WFM Applicant Profile View

Added the Edit Button to Mindscope iFrame so that you can edit an applicant within Mindscope. 

WFM - Add/Edit Applicant - Make Recruiter Drop Down a Type Ahead

When adding or editing an applicant in WFM the list of recruiters is was not type ahead or alphabetically sorted so it was hard to find recruiter's names in the list, we have made it an alphabetically sorted and typeahead select.

Applicant Export - Second Signed Date Not Always Exporting

Resolved an issue which prevented I-9 Section 2 completed date from being reliably included in Applicant Exports

Avionte Classic - Implement SSN Dupe Check on Applicant Create/Update

Added the following two Dupe Checks to Avointe

  • Add an SSN dup check when editing an applicant in WFM.

  • Add config for SSN dup check when adding applicant to Avionte

I-9 Management - Rename “IDs” to “Documents” When Applicable to the Form I-9

Renaming “ID” to “Document” in WFM where it pertains to the I-9/