Profile - WOTC Clarus Preventing Other Form Data From Saving

Fixing an inconsistency error capturing data on the WOTC. 

Redisplay Login if Authentication Fails

Fixing an issue with a user having a failed login and the screening blanking out and not redirecting the login screen again. 

Restrict Mobile/Home Phone Number to 10 Digits In Applicant Profile

Fixing the validation to restrict mobile/home phone number to 10 digits.

Templates Marked As Private Transferring To BH As Public

Fixing a bug where a private template was transferring to BH as public.

Deleted Applicants in Applications List

Fixing a bug so that if an applicant is deleted it does not show up  in the Completed Applications list, nor any of the other Applications lists.

Crimcheck Screening: Added proper support for a la carte service ordering (for services not included in a screening package)

Added proper support for ordering screening services not included as part of a screening package.


PHP API: Applicant Patch Call Should Not Run Phone/Email Duplicate Checks if They Are Not Provided

Adding support to not run phone/email duplicate checks if the phone/email are not provided. 

Adjust Section 2 Expiration Date Not Applicable Option

When the Authorized Representative is filling out a Section 2 and they fill in an Expiration Date but then they choose the ‘Not Applicable’ option underneath, clear the Expiration Date. Adding support to clear the “Not Applicable” Box if they change the List B or C document provided. 

Candidate Onboarding - Pressing the hamburger icon in onboarding views results in infinite redirect to /profile

Adding Support so that pressing the hamburger icon should result in displaying the Profile menu, as it does in other areas of the application.

Candidate Exp Improvements EQ3

Resolve acute Candidate Experience issues that lead to state ambiguity or data integrity concerns

  • Clearly indicate when saving is complete/failed by displaying toasts

  • Resolve issues that result in inadvertent saving of Applicant data

  • Support Canada SIN workflows by requesting upload of Supporting Docs when completing  Preliminary Info

Package Template View and API Responses Should Follow Current Order in Package

Making an adjustment so that tasks and Public API results for an existing package’s signature request should follow the current template order of the signature request.

I-9 Dashboard 2.0 – Make the Expiration dates consistent between dashboard row data and details panel

Making an update to the I-9 Dashboard 2.0 so that the Expiration dates are consistent between dashboard row data and details panel and need to show the same date in the row, Section 3 column.

Edit Applicant View - Change State/Province input to typeahead select

Updating the State/Province input field to a typeahead select field so it is easier to find the state/province in the list.

Edit Applicant View – Change Location input to typeahead select

Updating the Location input field to a typeahead select field so it is easier to find the location in the list.

Onboarding Form Download - Change Select input to typeahead select

Updating Form Download functionality so that the Select a Form input field to a typeahead select field so it is easier to find the form in the list.

Candidate Experience – Add support for displaying 'Success' and 'Fail' toast notifications on Profile/Application views

Adding the same success/fail notifications onto the basic information and additional information sections when applicants input data that we are currently displaying on the Work History, Education History, and Professional references.

WFM – Applicants List – Add UI Support for performing Advanced Searches on Applicants List view

We have added a new configuration under Core API Replatforming Settings that enables additional capabilities for recruiters navigating the Applicants List, to be able to perform an advanced search using the standard Advanced Search interface. Now they will be able to query the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Mobile Phone

  • I-9 on File (bool; derived from apl_properties.i9_on_file)

  • Assigned Recruiter (dropdown of available recruiters; query on requester_id field)