I-9 & E-Verify

  • I-9 Section 1: Updated the “Form I-9 Full Paper Version” link at the top of Section 1 to be a non-fillable PDF version of the Form I-9. 

  • I-9 Section 2: Fixed a minor bug where authorized representatives were able to select document expiration dates in the past.  All document expiration dates in Section 2 must be no earlier than the date Section 2 is being signed.

  • I-9 Section 2: Implemented document number validation for U.S. Passports based on standardized formatting of U.S. Passport numbers. 

  • I-9 Section 2: Implemented document number validation for U.S. Social Security Cards based on standardized formatting of U.S. Social Security Numbers. 

  • Recruiter Experience - I-9: Resolved an issue which caused the Redownload Section 2 to appear despite having not been completed yet.

  • E-Verify Dashboard 2.0: Updated the E-Verify Dashboard to display a more accurate Case Status.

  • Authorized Representative SMS: We're introducing a brand new experience that allows employees to notify their authorized representatives via SMS message if the I-9 was created using “Applicant Assigned”.  The employee will now have the option to provide either the authorized representative’s email address or mobile phone number. This feature is a sub-configuration and is only if “Allow Applicant Assign Authorized Representative” is already enabled. By default, this configuration is off.  (Standard messaging and data rates may apply.)

Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience - Applicant Quick Add: Resolved an issue which allowed ‘Create Applicant without Contact Information’ to be selected even if Contact Information was provided

  • Recruiter Experience - Able Tab: We’re introducing a brand new experience for managing Applicant Creation and Association from the Able Tab in Bullhorn. Customers will be automatically enrolled in the new experience over the next several weeks.

  • Candidate Self-Service: We're excited to introduce a new Candidate Self-Service experience! Administrators now have the ability to indicate forms as “Available for Self-Service Ordering” and Candidates now have the ability to "Update My Information" from their Profile to begin a self-service request. By default, this configuration is off.

    • Speak with your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in utilizing Candidate Self-Service!

Support and Maintenance

  • Signing Experience: Resolved an issue which resulted in Middle Name being set to N/A on forms if left empty

  • Administrative Experience: Password Reset email templates now support customer branding

  • Skills Checklists: Improved performance and reliability of generation of completed Skills Checklist PDFs.

  • Skills Checklists: Added support for sending to Candidates an Onboarding Sent notification when a Skills Checklist is assigned

  • Public API (Legacy): Included completion_date of Signature Request on GET Workflow Summary request

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements