I-9 & E-Verify

  • I-9 Dashboard 2.0: Update SSN Workflow now available.  This workflow is intended for employers enrolled in E-Verify.  Some foreign national employees do not have a Social Security Number upon entering the United States but are authorized to begin employment.  The Update SSN Workflow allows the employer a way to document the new SSN and create an E-Verify case without having to redo the entire Form I-9.

    • E-Verify must be enabled to utilize this feature.

  • I-9 Dashboard 2.0: Details Panel will now display the authorized representative’s contact number if the authorized representative was assigned via SMS message.

  • I-9 Section 1: Updated the instructions the applicant sees when completing Section 1 if Applicant Assigned has been selected for their I-9. Language now gives a little more context for the authorized representative’s role.

  • I-9 Section 1: The Social Security Number in Section 1 is now an optional field for employers that do not have E-Verify enabled.

  • E-Verify: E-Verify will now rely on data from a completed I-9 if a case is manually created when a second incomplete I-9 has been started.

  • E-Verify: Resolved an issue which may have prevented cases from being created if Recruiter information was missing from their account

Roadmap Delivery

  • Next-Gen API: API Consumers can now perform paged and filtered Applicant Exports with specified Applicant properties and fields.  Supported fields can be found in the Applicants entity documentation.

  • Able Tab for Bullhorn - Applicant Association: The New Applicant Association experience will be enabled for all customers alongside this release. 

  • Able Tab for Bullhorn - Applicant Association: Minor spacing and UI improvements. 

  • Profile - Candidate Experience: Resolved an issue which could have resulted in an infinite redirect if they browse certain unsupported URLs.

  • Self-Service - Candidate Experience: Tasks that have already been assigned to Candidate are now disabled until they either expire, are completed, or are deleted by a Recruiter.

  • Self-Service - Recruiter Experience: When a Task is assigned by a Candidate using Self-Service, they will appear as the Requester in the Onboarding Summary on their profile view.

  • Recruiter Experience - Applicants List: Added support for performing Advanced Search and Export operations using standard patterns introduced in E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 and I-9 Dashboard 2.0.

Support and Maintenance

  • Candidate Experience - OnboardingResolved an issue which may have caused assigned forms to expire shortly after they had been assigned

  • Recruiter Experience - OnboardingAdded support for grouping Forms by their template type in the ‘New Onboarding Request’ view

  • Next-Gen Bullhorn SyncResolved an issue which prevented state filing status from being sent when using next-gen Bullhorn Synchronization

  • Skills ChecklistsAdded support for including an Applicant middle name on a generated Skills Checklist PDF

  • Blueprints: Resolved an issue which prevented validation of the ‘Driver’s License' Blueprint