Customers who utilize Able alongside Bullhorn have the ability to embed Able in an iframe within Bullhorn, allowing Recruiters to assign onboarding tasks to Candidates in Able without the need to log in to a separate system. This system is commonly referred to as “Able Tab”, because the iframe is embedded within the tabbed navigation of a Candidate view in Bullhorn.

Newly created candidates in Bullhorn need to have an Associated Applicant record in Able, prior to starting onboarding. In most cases, if a brand new Candidate is created, Creating and Associating an Applicant is easy and requires only one click of a button.

However, in some circumstances, there may already be a record in Able for a given applicant. In our October 14, 2021 Product Update, we launched improved support for handling circumstances where duplicate Applicants may have been detected.

The Old Applicant Association Experience

The old Applicant Association experience listed any matches detected by Able and offered only an option to select an Applicant with which the Bullhorn Candidate ought to be selected. 

The New Applicant Association Experience

The new Applicant Association process, provides improved support for managing tough cases where Applicants may already exist in the system, while providing clear actions for continuing or aborting the process.

How does Able find an Applicant based on a Bullhorn Candidate?

First, we look for an Applicant whose alt_id matches the Bullhorn Candidate. When an Able Tab is opened, we attempt to find and present an Applicant Profile View for an Applicant whose alt_id matches the Bullhorn ID of the Candidate Record being managed.

If no record can be found matching that alt_id, we need to either Create a new Applicant for the record or Associate an Existing Applicant with the Bullhorn Candidate.

Second, find Able Applicants whose information matches that of the Bullhorn Candidate. We perform four discrete checks for Applicants in our system which may match a Bullhorn Candidate record. These lookups are executed in order:

  1. Exact Match on First Name, Last Name, and Address Fields. If no match found, continue to;
  2. Exact Match on Email Address. If no match is found, continue to;
  3. Exact Match on Phone Number. If no match is found, continue to;
  4. Exact Match on SSN/SIN. If no match is found, we assume an Applicant must be created.

IMPORTANT: If any one check produces a match, we immediately stop and provide an opportunity for the Recruiter to associate the Bullhorn record with a matching Applicant. No subsequent checks are performed.

Recruiter Experience

Creating a New Applicant

If no match for a given Applicant is found, we provide a simple interface for Creating a new Applicant. From the Create Able Account view, the Recruiter will have two options:

Create Candidate Able Account - Use the information in the Bullhorn Candidate record to create the Applicant in Able, and set the Applicant’s alt_id to the Bullhorn Candidate ID. After the operation is complete, the Recruiter is directed to the new Applicant’s Profile view.

Merge Candidate into Able Later - If a Recruiter isn’t ready to create an Able Applicant, or isn’t sure if they ought to proceed, they can select this option to abort the process.

Associating an Existing Applicant

Review all Potential Matches

If any of the previously discussed checks returns a match, the Recruiter will presented with an Associate Existing Applicant view. This view lists all applicants which triggered a match in a table, with each record in the list showing a View Profile action. Any matching fields will be indicated with a marker, clearly identifying it as a field which triggered a match.

Review the Details of the Most Likely Match

To continue the association process, select the View Profile button to open the Applicant Details Panel. The Recruiter is expected to review all of the Applicant’s details before choosing an Action, which are all presented at the bottom of the Details Panel. 

Select an Action to Take

After carefully reviewing the Applicant details, Recruiters may choose up to three options. They are:

Select For Association – When selected and confirmed, this action will change the underlying `alt_id` associated with an Applicant, associating it with the Bullhorn Candidate ID of the record being worked with. It is absolutely critical that this option only be used if the Applicant does indeed match the Bullhorn Record.

Associate Candidate into Able Later – When selected, Applicant Details Panel is closed, returning the Recruiter to a neutral state with no action being taken.

Deactivate this Account and Replace with New Applicant – When selected, the Able Applicant record being viewed will be marked as deactivated, with a new Applicant being created in its place.

IMPORTANT: There exist many circumstances where taking no action is the best action. If an Able Applicant with an `alt_id` already exists, it means that there’s likely a duplicate Bullhorn Candidate. The best action could be to use the old candidate record instead, merge the two records into one, or delete the old Bullhorn Candidate and deactivate the old Able Applicant.


Bullhorn Applicant Association 2.0 can be enabled for customers by setting the following Integration Property to true: Applicant Association V2