This article discusses Able's Candidate Experience Inactivity detection as well as helpful suggestions for configuring the Maximum Candidate Inactivity Time.


Introduction to Candidate Inactivity Detection

There are certain circumstances where, while logged in to Profile, a Candidate may walk away from their computer, switch browser tabs, or abandon onboarding altogether. 

Candidate Inactivity Detection introduces a new user experience to Profile, which prompts the Candidate to extend their session or log out if we haven’t detected any activity. We’ve also introduced a configuration that allows customers to define their preferred inactivity threshold.

Candidate Experience

Defining Inactivity

Inactivity is defined as a lack of interaction with the application. This includes clicks, input focuses, input blurs, input changes, button presses, and so forth.

Prompting the Candidate

If we’ve detected that the candidate has been inactive, they will be prompted to take action one minute prior to the Maximum Candidate Inactivity Time. For example, if the Maximum Candidate Inactivity Time is configured for 15 minutes, the candidate will be prompted after 14 minutes. 

Prompt Actions

From the Session Expiration Warning prompt, the candidate can choose to either:

  • Continue My Session – Dismisses the prompt and resets the inactivity timer to zero.
  • Log Out Now – Dismisses the prompt, saves any Form or Package progress (excluding invalid responses), immediately ends the candidate’s session, and redirects to the Log In view.

If No Action is Taken

The candidate will be logged out automatically after saving any Form or Package progress (excluding invalid responses).

Configuring Maximum Session Inactivity Time

Administrators can adjust the inactivity threshold by modifying the following configuration, which defaults to 15 minutes: 

System Settings > Employee Portal > Maximum Candidate Inactivity Time (Minutes)

Considerations for Maximum Session Inactivity Time

  • Consider a minimum value of 5 minutes; which allows for reading, scrolling, and wayfinding through onboarding.
  • Consider a maximum value of two hours – which is the TTL on the Candidate service authentication tokens.
  • The configuration cannot be be assigned at the Location level. As such, if your organization utilizes on-site kiosks or workstations, consider a value best suited for that specialized use case.