A Note on U.S. Holiday Release Scheduling

Our regular two-week product update release schedule will be altered to accommodate for the upcoming holiday season.

  • This 11/29/2021 product update was rescheduled from 11/25/2021.
  • The 12/23/2021 product update will be rescheduled for 12/20/2021; this will be the final release of 2021. 


  • Section 2 - Document Addition: Added "Receipt: Form I-94/I-94A w/I-551 stamp, photo" to List A Dropdown.  This document is considered a List A receipt that should go to E-Verify. (source)

  • Section 2 - Submit Button: The ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of Section 2 has been updated to say ‘Submit and Electronically Sign’.  The aim is to reduce any authorized representative drop off before the Section 2 signature is collected.

  • I-9 Management: Sub-configurations that are dependent upon other configurations are now indented so that they are more easily identifiable.

  • Section 1 Date of Birth Mismatch Detection: A new configuration has been created to check the date of birth the applicant has entered in Section 1 against the date of birth that is associated with their Applicant Profile.

  • Section 1 Social Security Number Mismatch Detection: A new configuration has been created to check the Social Security Number the applicant has entered in Section 1 against the SSN that is associated with their Applicant Profile.

Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience - Applicant Export: Resolved an issue which failed to apply Location filtering when using performing a “Currently Visible Data” export

  • Recruiter Experience -  Advanced Search:  Added support for allowing selection of a single day in date range fields; Start Date will automatically include a time of '00:00:00', while End Date will automatically include '23:59:59'

  • Candidate Experience - Inactivity Detection and Session Expiration Prompting: Inactivity detection introduces a new user experience to Profile, which prompts the Candidate to extend their session or log out if activity hasn't been detected within a certain time frame.

Support and Maintenance

  • Recruiter Experience - Bullhorn Sync: Resolved an issue which prevented certain properties from syncing with Bullhorn Candidate Notes.

  • Recruiter Experience Form Manager V2: Resolved an issue which prevented mapping of state fields to templates.

  • Recruiter Experience -  Bullhorn Sync: Improved filenames for uploaded documents synced to Bullhorn.

  • Recruiter Experience - Signing: Added support for re-requesting a document, regardless of it’s current status.

  • Candidate Experience - Preliminary Info & Basic Information: Resolved an issue which allowed a candidate to enter an invalid phone number.

  • Candidate Experience - Interviews: Added support for SMS Notification localizations for  ‘Interview Updated’ actions.

  • Candidate Experience - Signing: Added Spanish support to the HelloSign iframe.

  • Candidate Experience - Multi-Account Pay Settings: Improved localizability.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements