A Note on U.S. Holiday Release Scheduling

Our regular two-week product update release schedule will be altered to accommodate for the upcoming holiday season.

  • The 12/23/2021 product update will be rescheduled for 12/20/2021; this will be the final release of 2021. 


  • Section 2 - Document Addition: Added "Receipt: Form I-94 with Refugee Stamp" to List A Dropdown. This document is considered a List A receipt that should go to E-Verify. (source)

  • Section 2 - Document Addition : Added “Receipt: Form I-94/I-94A w/ I-551 stamp, photo” to List A Dropdown

  • Section 2: Added support for pre-filling Expiration Date when selecting “Receipt: Form I-94/I-94A w/ refugee stamp

  • I-9 Dashboard: Improved API performance for decreased dashboard load times

Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience - Standard Applicant ExportResolved an issue which prevented Avionte IDs from being included as an ATS ID

  • Background Screening - Public API: Added support for limited-operation “Shallow” screening adapter to further enable integrator development

Support and Maintenance

  • Recruiter Experience - Next-Gen Bullhorn Sync: Resolved an issue which may have resulted in some numeric values failing to sync correctly

  • Recruiter Experience - Next-Gen Bullhorn Sync: Resolved an issue which caused errors when syncing Applicant specialties

  • Recruiter Experience - Legacy Applicant Export: Add support for including applicant custom fields

  • Recruiter Experience - Interview Analytics: Add support for reviewing interview analytics for the previous seven days

  • Background Screening - Crimcheck: Add support for providing ‘temp agency’ in Work History entry, where applicable