I-9 & E-Verify

  • I-9 Management: Fixed an issue where clicking on the “Waiting” link in WFM was resulting in an error for I-9s assigned to an authorized representative via SMS message.

  • Recruiter Experience - I-9 Dashboard: Resolved an issue which prevented Reminders from being sent after pressing the ‘Remind’ button from an I-9 Details Panel

  • Recruiter Experience - I-9 Dashboard: Added support for sending reminder SMS messages for Authorized Representatives who have been assigned using a mobile phone number

Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience - Standard Applicant Export: Added support for including additional Applicant fields in an export, including applicant ‘Properties’, Custom Fields, and Active Placement fields

  • Candidate Experience - Login: When used on a supported mobile device, the username/email field will request presentation with an ‘Email’ type keyboard

  • Candidate Experience - Basic Info: Resolved an issue which resulted in fields erroneously appearing multiple times on the form

  • Recruiter Experience: Added support for limits the time Applicants have to download signed documents to the session in which those documents were signed

  • Next-Gen API - User Management: Added next-gen API support for Inviting and Updating users

  • Next-Gen API - User Role Management: Added next-gen API support for duplicating and removing User Roles

  • Next-Gen API - User Role Management: Added next-gen API support for editing the name and description of a given User Role

  • Next-Gen API - User Role Management: Added support for associating a user with a given role

Support and Maintenance

  • Bullhorn Able Tab - Applicant Association: Resolved an issue which may have prevented location of Applicant records by phone number

  • Background Screening - Checkr: Resolved an issue which may have prevented selection of a County Criminal Search Service screening service

  • Recruiter Experience - I-9: Resolved an issue which prevented I-9 Verification from succeeding when executed from Applicants > {applicant} > Pay/Tax Settings

  • Recruiter Experience - Global Search: Resolved an issue which resulted in UI latency while typing and executing searches

  • Recruiter Experience - Next-Gen Bullhorn Sync: Resolved an issue which prevented mapped values from stripping hyphens, despite that option being enabled for a given mapped property

  • Candidate Experience - WOTC (ADP): Resolved an issue which may have prevented Candidates from proceeding after an ADP WOTC survey has been completed