Introduction to Restrict Completed Edoc Downloading

There are certain circumstances where it may be desirable to restrict the time that Applicants have to download completed documents to the session in which those documents were signed. This allows organizations to standardize on funneling requests for signed documents through HR departments.

Candidate Experience

Defining Session

A candidate session is a period of time for which the candidate is logged in to the Able Profile. A session begins when the candidate logs in and ends when the candidate logs out.

Viewing Edocs History

When a candidate completes a document which has the 'Emp Download?' configuration enabled, that signed document is visible under 'Activity > Onboarding History'. 

When this configuration is enabled, the View button will be unavailable if the document was not signed in the current session.

Configuring Restrict Completed Edoc Downloading

Administrators can enable this configuration by setting to On the following configuration:

System Settings > Employee Portal > Restrict Completed Edoc Downloading

Considerations for Restrict Completed Edoc Downloading

  • This configuration is defaulted to Off.
  • This configuration changes Candidate Experience behavior. We recommend you discuss enabling this configuration with your Customer Success Manager before enabling it.