I-9 & E-Verify

  • I-9 Section 2 - Authorized Rep Experience: Added support for disabling the Commonly Used Documents section of the I-9 Section 2 Experience
  • E-Verify: Resolved an issue which may have prevented creation of E-Verify cases for Employees who provided a Foreign Passport with Form I-94. This resulted in the error class, Invalid value for i766_number
  • E-Verify: Fixed an issue which resulted in erroneous sending of E-Verify emails
  •  I-9 Dashboard: Resolved an issue which prevented downloading of exports with ‘Export All Available Fields’ selected

Roadmap Delivery

  • Candidate Experience - Dynamic Forms: Added support for masking the input of confirm fields, if the referenced field is also masked
  • Candidate Experience - Preliminary Info: Resolved an issue which prevented the Remaining Fields counter from decrementing when completing fields
  • Next-Gen API: Added support for retrieving all available User Roles
  • Next-Gen API: Added support for retrieving a list of permissions which can be assigned to a User Role

Support and Maintenance

  • Candidate Experience - Branded URLs: Resolved an issue which prevented branded location URLs from being correctly
  • Recruiter Experience - Able Tab (Bullhorn): Resolved an issue wherein Applicant Matching in Able Tab would produce false-positive matches if the Bullhorn Applicant SSN value was a blank space
  • Recruiter Experience: Resolved an issue which may have prevented successful deletion of an Applicant if the Applicant Record did not have values stored for required Email/Phone fields
  • Legacy API: Included additional fields in the response provided by GET api/pubV1/templates/id