• I-9 Section 2: Added support for optionally allowing Authorized Representatives to select relevant ‘Additional Information’ options from a typeahead select input, rather than allowing free-text entry.
  • I-9 Section 2: Removed a potentially misleading example image associated with a List C Document, Authorization Document issued by DHS.
  • I-9 Section 2: Removed a potentially misleading example image associated with the List B Document, ‘Voter Registration Card’

Roadmap Delivery 

  • Candidate and Administrative Experience - Notifications: Added support for configuring and referring to a Location Brand Name in Email and Text Message correspondence automatically send by Able.
  • Candidate Experience - Preliminary Information: For candidates who are declared as residing in Canada, support for marking ‘Social Insurance Number’ as N/A has been removed.
  • Next-Gen API - Role Management: Added support for associating permissions with an existing User Role.

Support and Maintenance

  • Recruiter Experience - Assessments: Do not show answers and scores for assessments that have been deleted
  • Recruiter Experience - E-Verify: Resolved an issue wherein Recruiters with access to multiple Locations may not consistently see E-Verify cases for which they have permission to view
  • Administrative Experience - Prescreening Categories: Resolved a UI issue which prevented the full name of a category from being shown in the Category select input.
  • Candidate Experience - Job Preferences: Resolved an issue which prevented updating of specialties if a new parent Job Category was selected
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements