When allowing employees to assign Authorized Representatives to complete I-9 Section 2, it's likely that the Authorized Representative may not familiar with the details of the form that they are completing. Thus, some free-text entry fields could open up accuracy and compliance concerns. One such example is the Additional Information field. 

To avoid confusion or improper use of the Additional Information field, you now have the option of allowing Authorized Representatives to fill Additional Information using a select input, with values managed by your organization.

Administrative Experience

Enabling the Additional Information Multiselect Input

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Settings > System Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify
  2. Enable 'Section 2 - Enable Additional Information Multiselect Input'

Configuring Additional Information Multiselect Input Options

  1. With 'Section 2 - Enable Additional Information Multiselect Input' enabled, find the configuration named 'Section 2 - Additional Information List Options'
  2. Provide the options that Authorized Representatives will be permitted to enter. Each option should be separated by a semicolon

Authorized Representative Experience

Selecting Options from the Additional Information Multiselect Input

Using this input is easy for Authorized Representatives. Simply click on the input to be presented with the list of options that were configured by the administrator. The list will be automatically filtered as the Authorized Representative types.

Once completed, options entered in the multiselect will appear on the signed PDF as they were configured.

Considerations for using Additional Information Multiselect Input

Section 2 - Additional Information Multiselect Input is currently in beta and may not be right for your organization. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in enabling this feature.