• Recruiter Experience - I-9 Dashboard: Recruiters can modify EAD category and country information for individual applicants from the I-9 Details Panel.

  • Recruiter Experience - I-9 Dashboard: Added support for filtering the contents of the I-9 Dashboard by employee’s Section 1 Citizenship Status (Citizen, Noncitizen National, Lawful Permanent Resident, Alien Authorized to Work)

  • Authorized Rep Experience - I-9 Section 2: Authorized Representatives completing Section 2 can select EAD category and country after signing off on Section 2. This experience is disabled by default.

  • Authorized Rep Experience - I-9 Section 2: Improved logic governing the ability to indicate an Expiration Date for Birth Certificates and Social Security Card document types. 

    • Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards which are not indicated as being receipts no longer support providing an expiration date, and N/A will be automatically selected when when these document types are chosen.

    • Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards which are indicated as being receipts will have expiration dates set automatically to 90 days from the First Date of Employment.

  • Authorized Rep Experience - I-9 Section 2: Automatically populate the document titles when a List A document with additional documents is specified in Section 2.  For example, when a foreign passport with I-94 is selected, then the Form I-94 document title is pre-populated and not modifiable.

  • Authorized Rep Experience - I-9 Section 2: I-94 issuing authority field has been changed from a text field to a dropdown field in order to improve record consistency and reduce entry errors.

Roadmap Delivery

  • Next-Gen API - Applicants: Added support for emitting webhook events when updating Applicant or Applicant Properties fields using the next-gen API