Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience: Added a new permission for governing a WFM user’s ability to see the Send Password Reset action on the Applicant Detail View
  • Next-Gen API: Added support for creating and managing Customer Location records
  • Administrative Experience: Removed obsolete Legacy V1 configurations


  • E-Verify: When a “Receipt Form I-94 with Refugee Stamp” is selected in Section 2, an E-Verify case will not be created.  This is based on updated guidance provided from the E-Verify policy team.

  • Candidate Experience: Added support for automatically sending an I-9 Section 2 Instructions follow-up email to Candidates who have completed I-9 Section 1.
    • This is used for ensure Candidates know to prepare the correct documents when they meet with their Authorized Representative
    • Sent only to Candidates who Self-Assigned their Authorized Representative
    • Enable using the following configuration: System Settings > Notifications > Enable Applicant I-9 Instructions
    • Modify instruction content using the localization key auth_rep_instructions_body