Roadmap Delivery

  • Candidate Experience - Tasks List: Resolved in an issue which may have resulted in deleted tasks being visible to Candidates from the Task List

  • Recruiter Experience - Skills Checklists: When re-ordering a Skills Checklist that is either incomplete or has not been started, ensure a duplicate Skills Checklist is not assigned and that the old one is removed.

  • Candidate Experience - Localizations: Resolved an issue whereby some title localizations with HTML content would not be properly rendered

  • Bullhorn ATS Syncing: Resolved an issue which may have prevented Candidate Skills/Specialties from syncing correctly in some circumstances

  • Candidate Experience - Skills Checklists: Resolved an issue whereby when a completed Skills Checklist is updated, Skill Groups may show as complete, even if those Groups have been updated by Administrator to contain new Skill prompts.

  • Next-Gen API - Templates: Added support for retrieving templates by a given tag name

I-9 & E-Verify

  • Recruiter Experience - E-Verify: Resolved an issue which may have prevented E-Verify cases from being created manually from the Applicant E-Verify View

  • Recruiter Experience - E-Verify: When creating a case, automatically insert a Leading A to Alien/USCIS Numbers if present