I-9 & E-Verify

  • Authorized Representative Experience: Added support for configuring automatic reminders sent to Authorized Representatives who have been assigned an I-9 Section 2, but have not yet completed it
  • Authorized Representative Experience: Added a configuration to require Section 2 verifiers to upload Photo Match documents only.  If a non-Photo Match document is presented, the upload will not be required.  Only E-Verify employers should utilize this configuration.

  • Authorized Representative Experience: Fixed an issue with the “Required” asterisk for Section 2 file uploads. The “Required” asterisk will now properly display only when the customer has configured file uploads to be required as part of the Section 2 process. File upload requirements are determined by the customer in Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify.

  • Administrative Experience: Updated setting titles and descriptions for two settings: “I9 Summary - Expiring Document Alert # Days” and “I9 Summary - Expiring Document Receipt Alert # Days” to more clearly and accurately describe the setting.

Roadmap Delivery

  • Recruiter Experience - WOTC: Added support for showing on the Applicant Detail view, if an Applicant opted out of an ADP WOTC questionnaire

  • Candidate Experience: Added support for enforcing that Tasks are completed by candidates in the order in which they were assigned (Applies to Tasks List only)

Support and Maintenance

  • Recruiter Experience: Resolved an issue which may have prevented the Location picker from working as expected

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements