•  E-Verify: Relabeled the dropdown under Applicants > E-Verify from “Submission Failures” to more accurately be “Submissions” which displays all E-Verify submissions for the given applicant.

  • E-Verify: Made an update so that E-Verify cases will not fail when an alien authorized to work provides foreign passport information in Section 1 while Section 2 is completed with List B and C documents.

Roadmap Delivery

  • Administrative Experience: Completed a feature set which allows recruiters to view forms prior to assigning them during manual workflow creation. 

  • Candidate Experience: Introduced a feature set to improve applicants experience after they complete their Pre-boarding. A new loading state was added while new tasks are assigned, along with notifications so that applicants next steps are more streamlined and clear. 

  • Next-Gen API: An X-Request-Applicant-Id header was added to the Applicants API, so that API users may act on behalf of an Applicant using a single API token.   

Support and Maintenance

  • Recruiter Experience: Removed searching for duplicate Bullhorn applicants by SSN if the SSN contains blank spaces.

  • Recruiter Experience: Addressed an issue in which an applicant has two Bullhorn accounts, the recruiter could not view their Able account view the iFrame in Bullhorn.  

  • Candidate Experience: Addressed 400 error when attempting to update Second Signers through the API. 

  • Candidate Experience: Fixed SIN format mapping issue from Bullhorn to Able by checking the country of origin before applying formatting.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements